Bob Marley

2 February 2017

Kuriakose 1 Jennifer Kuriakose Mrs. Kat English I Pre-AP 35 February 2010 Prophet of Music American author Christopher Reeve one said, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” (Reeve). They also transcend the boundaries of an average person to eternally touch the lives of others. A hero comes out of lowliness to humbly shine their achievements on the world. A hero can be anybody that makes a positive difference, and is remembered for it.

Bob Marley is considered one of these heroes because of his measureless efforts to promote peace by giving a voice to the oppressed African race and spreading reggae music to all corners of the world. Bob Marley advocated peace in the world through his actions. His ultimate goal in life was to see that peace was preserved. It can be said that a hero is able to overcome the obstacles in life and make a lasting change in the world. Likewise, Marley’s beginnings were far from peaceful. As a child, he battled discrimination from his fellow Jamaicans for his mixed heritage of African and White.Also, he overcame the altercations of having separated parents while living in the poverty-lined streets of Trenchtown, Jamaica (Medina 48).

Bob Marley Essay Example

To surpass such predicaments in life is a challenge. He did not let his disrupted childhood stand in the way of affecting his future. Instead, he used that experience to gain knowledge about the corruptions of the world and to grow stronger as an individual. One of Marley’s heroic actions to promote peace are remembered at one his musical concerts.

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