Book report

6 June 2017

Kemp book report The book I choose was a story entitled, Star Trap’ by Simon Brett. IT was published in 1982. I choose this book because I like detective novels. The storyline is very mysterious. The plot thickens when many incidents happened in the story such as a rehearsal pianist was shot in the hand by an arraign pellet and a actor tumbled down some stairs and broke his leg. As I keep on reading the story, more and more questions keep on rehearsing my mind as I try to solve the case as well based on the clues given in the story.

The story is full of descriptive writing. The immensity and anger of the surrounding and the detective was investigating is made very clear, “He tried to control his breath which was rasping in his throat. It wasn’t only the physical effects of the chase that made him feel so shaky….

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He gasped and trembled and, although a diluted sun was now washing the sea-front, the morning seemed colder. ” p. 165.

Brett managed to portray the detective’s fear by contrasting the hotness of the ambiance to the coldness of the people who tried to assassinate the detective. Brett makes it clear by describing the dilapidated condition of a housing area well, “The lock of fiats was old, with long gloomy corridors interrupted by the stranded doormats of unwelcoming doorways. ” p_48_ Brett manages to underline the slovenliness if the victim after an Incident where he was pushed down the stairs and he broke his leg.

He was unable to perform In the stage anymore, which caused him to abandon himself. The character that stuck In my mind Is ‘Charles Paris’ who was the smart and acute detective, “his panic had changed into surging confidence” p. 1 11 . He shows his acumen by being able to restrain his fear and stay calm although he was in trouble. A major theme of this story is the resilience to cope with problems and solve them instead of being anxious. “He was going to expose the whole shabby business, whatever it costs him. P. 171 . Although he might put his life in danger, he showed no fear to unveil the mystery of the case because It was his Job to reveal the saboteur. This Is quite a nice book to read. The detective saved the show with a mixture of luck, experience and talent. Beret’s plot moves on at a fair pace and has several interesting twists and turns. I would like to recommend it to my friend because the story will incite our enquiries as we keep on reading.

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