Book Report – Man with Iron Mask

12 December 2016

Family’s honor is even more important than his life. Plot : King Louis XIV had a twin brother who was locked in Bastille prison at the his early age. Not even King Louis knew about it. When he was young, he did not serve as a good king. He would be jealous easily. His bishop, Aramis knew about the twin brother and would want to made Philip king instead. He believe Philip would be a better king. However, his plan was not successful because of the other two loyal servants — D’Artagnan and Mr Fouquet. When King Louis grew older, he forgave his twin brother and the servants who had betrayed him before. Climax and Resolution :

When King Louis XIV had sent the entire fleet to hunt down Aramis. How D’Artagnan wanted to help his friend, Aramis to escape. However the King had foreseen these and had given secret orders to the other officers to lead D’Artagnan back to Paris. It was a test the King designed for D’Artagnan. Afterall, the King foregave D’Artagnan because he used to be a loyal servant. Theme : This is a story about power, brother’s love, friendship and forgiveness. In the seventeenth century, King had absolute power. Because the royal family wanted to protect this absolute power, they chose to sacrifice the younger twin and locked him up in a prison.

Book Report – Man with Iron Mask Essay Example

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