Book Review

2 February 2017

a. Why did you choose this book? -The title of the book, “Cicada Summer”, captivates my eyes, I thought that this book would be about a vacation and I like that kind of novels.

Then, when I read what this book is all about, it captures me, because I really like novels about mysteries and solving puzzles and problems. And that’s why I chose this book. ? b. What was the book about? -The book was about twelve-year-old narrator Lily, a motherless child, who has exiled herself to a self-imposed silence and isolation after a hinted-at tragedy that involved her older brother Pete.Interwoven with the story of a mysterious girl, named Tinny, who suddenly moves into their town. Lily and Tinny faced trials and problems which involves their family and love ones. c.

Book Review Essay Example

How did you rate this book? oExciting oInteresting oDull oOkay A Book Review I’m pretending to be Lily Mathis, as the girl who loves to read Nancy Drew books, who’s good in spying and keeping secrets. I have secrets of my own that no one can and should never find out. It started with one hot summer day in the town of Olena. I’m on my class with the hundred cicadas on the oak tree buzzing outside Mrs. Kirk’s sixth-grade classroom.My classmates are hunched over their spelling tests, ready to spell adjective words. I’m invisible.

Most people would say that’s a lie. They’d say that I’m not invisible because they can see me as plain as day, but most people are wrong. It’s not my skin that makes me invisible. It’s my silence. My silence and the trick I do with my eyes where I never look anybody in the face. I’ve been invisible for two years now. I promised myself that I’ll never use my words again, the words that could save my brother Pete from the accident that results my brother to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

I don’t care about the spelling bee.I walked down the hall and went into the school library. I grab one Nancy Drew book from one of the shelves. I walk to the cottonwood tree and sit on one of the branches and start to read the book. When suddenly a long scarf dangles in front of my face and someone says “I bet the butler did it”. It startled me so much that I break my number one rule of invisibility, I react. I ran all the way home.

I sit on the bed a long time, thinking about the strange new girl. Finally, I get up and go to Fern’s General Store. I sweep the dirt on the floor. Fern let me do this when I’m bored. I hear everything from there.I found out that the mysterious girl is Tinny, Fern’s great-niece. However things in Fern’s store started to lose.

And I know that Tinny is stealing on Fern. Tinny is smart, but so am I. I watch her standing with her hands deep in her pockets, and when she pulls them out, I see something fall t the floor. When Tinny moves to a new spot, I picked up the piece of paper folded into a tiny cube. It’s a Tootsie Pop wrapper with PO309 written onto the waxy paper. Then a strange man suddenly show off, hunting Tinny. Tinny leaves a letter, saying that she went back to Chicago because she doesn’t want here in Olena.

d. ” Page 33 Paul MathisWidower, hardworking, kind-hearted, patience. “Lily! You were gone!I couldn’t find you. ” Page 139 Pete Mathis Sneaky, smart, loves old cars and gangster movies and running through the cornfields at night. “Hop in, toots! ” Page 99 The Ring Man (strange manArmed, dangerous, sneaky. “Shut up! ” page 137 Internal Lily hasn’t spoken for two years now, since her older brother died because of Carbon Monoxide poisoning accident. She puts herself into blame why her brother died.

She did not use her words to tell their dad what Pete is up to. From that day, she promised herself that she’ll never use her words again, the words that could save Pete. External

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