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9 September 2017

Book Summary Essay, Research Paper

Book Summary Essay Research Paper Man Against Essay Example

Man Against Darkness W.T. Stace

Man Against Darkness is an essay written by W.T. Stace. He presents the philosophical background for the experiential stance of the modern universe. He tries to explicate why faith no longer plays an of import portion in the modern universe and what causes people to lose religion in faith.

He begins his essay by explicating the point of view of the Catholic bishops of America and compared it to the thought of Jean-Paul Sarte, the Gallic existential philosopher philosopher. The bishops believe that the helter-skelter province of the modern universe is due to adult male s loss of religion, and the forsaking of God and faith. W.T. Stace does non believe in faith at all, yet he wholly agrees with the bishop s statement. Jean-Paul Sarte is an atheist and his position besides supports the statement of the bishops. Jean-Paul Sarte explains that, in the early yearss work forces depended on God as the beginning of moral ideals. Now, work forces understand that the universe is non ruled by religious forces, but instead by unseeable forces. Therefore ; our ethical motives must come from our head, and we are the 1 who decides what is right and what is incorrect.

Stace, so subsequently goes on to explicate Mr. Betrand Russel s thought, which was different from both the bishops and Jean-Paul Sarte. Mr. Russel believes the faith has done more injuries than good and the disappearing of faith will be a approval to human being. Mr. Russel s thought is the same as that of M. Sarte. He stresses that adult male is entirely and friendless in the universe. Mr. Russel besides notes that scientific discipline produced such state of affairs. It is scientific discipline that made people lose religion in faith. Stace explains that scientists do non interested in inquiries such as is there god? Or what s the significance of life? They merely interested in understanding the procedures instead than the intents. They merely ask inquiries that begin with how but non why.

Along with the ruin of the spiritual vision there went the ruin of moral rules and values. Ethical motives are human innovations. It is us who decide what s right and incorrect. It s a affair of sentiment. Morality is unsafe and it leads to chaos in society. Philosophers who see the danger attempt to give ethical motives a new foundation that does non affect spiritual thought. Stace references that philosophers may be able to make up one’s mind what are good and bad, but the great multitudes of people may non be able to make so and the consequence will be catastrophe.

Some people suggested replacing old faith with a new one, but Stace predicts that it will neglect. Why? Because work forces have lost the belief hence ; it can non be revived. Some proposed that we should turn to science itself, or the scientific spirit, for our redemption.

Another inquiry that came up in the essay is can the whole civilisation live without faith? W.T. Stace explains that it is possible for educated work forces, philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, to populate their moral lives without faith, but he does non believe that the whole civilisation including the uneducated can make so.

W.T. Stace sums up his chief thought in the decision of the essay. He states that work forces in the early clip are violent and as clip passed by the development of human civilisation made morality connect with faith. If modern adult male live without faith, they will drop back into the early stage, when work forces were violent and barbarous.

After reading this essay, I have gain an apprehension of how of import faith is. I believe that faith have shaped up my ethical motives. I agree with Stace on many parts in the essay. I agree that we can non replace old faith with a new one, because one time work forces lose religion about something, they will non be able to travel back and believe in it once more. I do non hold that work forces lose religion in faith because of the scientific revolution. I believe that work forces are smart plenty to be able to understand nature without affecting the inquiry with God. When I was immature, I asked my female parent why does it rain and she answered that it is because God is shouting. I knew that it wasn t true. I didn t know what is rain, but I do cognize that it is non because God is shouting. I think that people are losing religion in faith because faith is non pure any longer. For illustration, many monastics are ravishing misss and got off with it because they have money to pay the constabulary. The money came from us who devoted ourselves to religion because we genuinely think that faith is pure. I stopped believing in faith long clip ago and it s non because of scientific revolution. I lose my religion in faith because I think that I make my ain fate and there s no 1 in the sky to assist me populate my life. I choose what I want to be and where I want to travel and everything is based on my determinations. Whenever I fell, I couldn t see any manus making down from the sky to assist me. I solve my ain jobs and I can merely depend on me. That s why I do non believe in faith.

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