Book the Facebook

5 May 2019

“I’ve sent you a friend request on Facebook. Please accept it.” I was shocked to hear these words from my seven-year old cousin. I wondered, ‘What on earth is a seven-year old in a need of a Facebook ID?’ This is not just the case of my cousin but of every breathing kid. The craze of Facebook is increasing every day and this craze is increasing at its pace among kids. Almost every school-going kid has his/her ID on Facebook. But is this fad correct? A prudential answer to this question is ‘No’.

The number of people having a Facebook ID is maximising every second. Among this increasing population, the dominating age group is that of children. Kids today enjoy a lot of time on the so-called ‘Facebook’. May it be day or night, they are seen chatting, poking, tagging, liking or commenting on it.

Book the Facebook Essay Example

In this era of ever-increasing competition, kids are required to pave a safe for themselves for which they should devote their time to studies. But, speaking on a sad note, instead of giving time to studies, kids spent long hours on Facebook.

Internet, a cobweb of information can be used to increase knowledge by kids. But the use of internet has recently been confined to ‘’. Looking at today’s youth, it seems as if Facebook has become their life. It has successfully emerged as an addictive addiction.

Well, saying Facebook is evil and should be completely banned would be a wrong act. A look on the bright side of Facebook reveals that if it is used in a limited manner, it can prove as a boon too. Instead of spending, in fact wasting prolong hours on Facebook, just dedicating a short span of time to it is what can be called a ‘good thing’. On the balance of time, the scale of books should weigh more than the scale of Facebook. After all, it is the amount of knowledge we possess which helps us in the future and not the amount of friends we possess on our Facebook ID.

Act wise and minimise the hours spent on Facebook to minutes and maximise the minutes dedicated to books to hours. Give the position of Facebook to books i.e. book the Facebook.

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