Booklet on safeguarding

7 July 2016

This booklet is to help care givers recognise the different forms and signs of abuse. The correct actions to take if you has a care giver suspect or told that someone is being abused. ABUSE COMES IN MANY DIFFERENT FORMS Physical Abuse, is a form of abuse which causes physical harm to an individual. This can be biting, burning, force feeding, hitting,scalding, suffocating, shaking and throwing.

Sexual Abuse, is when consent is not given to sexual activity, this can be sexual penetreation to any part of the body, inapporate touching, making sexual related comments which provide sexual gratification for the abuser and being exposed to pronographic material. Emotional Abuse, is when a person is the subject of emotional distress, this can be bullying, threats of fear, shouting, swearing, devaluing a persons self- esteem or withdrawing of affection.

Booklet on safeguarding Essay Example

Financial Abuse, is the abuse of apersons money matters, this can be from stealing money, tricking a person in to spending money, with holding money from a person, or making decisions in the abusers interest. Institutional Abuse, is the routines and rituals of everyday decisions, this can be giving no choice of clothing, meals or the choice of bedtime, it can also include the lack of privacy and dignity and the inappropriate use of medication. Neglect and Self Neglect, neglect is a form of abuse which is different as it with holds something, this can be personal care, adequate food, or a safe and hygienic enviroment.

SIGNS OF ABUSE Physical, unexplained burising, bite and burn marks, changes to behaviour. Sexual, self harm, inapproprate sexual behaviour, depression, unable to from realationships. Emotional, being withdrawn, the loss of self conidence or self esteem. Actions To Take If You Suspect Abuse Allegations of abuse or suspicions must be treated seriously and reported to the appepraiate people. Report to your supervisor, manager, or relevant person or service.

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