Bookstore Inventory System

9 September 2016

Table of Contents Introduction Statement of the Problem Theoretical Framework Conceptual Framework Significance of the Study Scope and Delimitation of the Study Definition of Terms Introduction Information Technology has brought different changes in the environment especially in the growth of advanced technology. Modern technology is used by many companies and other business establishment either private / public in order to benefit the advantages that it brings to businesses. They use a computer as one of the devices to work easier and faster. It is one of the aspects considered in order to gain success in the competitive world of business.

“Information Communication Technology” or ICT is used as a general term for all kinds of technology which enable users to create access and manipulate information. ICT is a combination of information technology and communications technology. In an increasingly interconnected world, the interactions among devices, systems, and people are growing rapidly. Businesses need to meet the demands of their employees and customers to allow for greater access to systems and information. All of these communications needs must be delivered in a unified way.

Bookstore Inventory System Essay Example

By offering a scalable infrastructure, cloud computing models enable companies to work smarter through more agile and cost-effective access to technology and information. This unified platform reduces costs and boosts productivity across business. Part of an information and communications technology roadmap should involve consolidating infrastructures, while providing added benefits to users in collaboration, messaging, calendaring, instant messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing. Cloud computing is driving more efficient IT consumption and delivery and taking ICT to the next level.

The importance of having an efficient and robust Bookstore Inventory and Sales System cannot be understated. As technology continues to evolve, customers are demanding streamlined customer service and instant access to easier transaction process. Bookstore Inventory and Sales System generates customer service processes, increases efficiency and improves technological factors. Statement of the Problem This system aims to handle transactions and to have a success in customer interaction presents. 1. How can the customer view the details of a certain item they need. 2.

How can the administrator view all the records of the entire customer. 3. How can the administrator compute the bills of the customer. 4. How the administrators can add and delete customer’s record. 5. How can the administrator manage the customers. Theoretical Framework Bookstore Inventory and Sales System provides the easiest way in customer service. At this point, our system is one whom we designed for the purpose. First, a user can register either an administrator or a clerk provided the questions and requirements asked as he go through the process then if successful, he will be automatically registered in the logs.

If registered as administrator, he can do all changes in every transaction on sales and records for the authority is in that position. He can delete, edit, or add in the records available. He can also view all the stocks and the total sales in a certain date. On the other hand, clerk, he can only do things that only a clerk can do such as do transactions with the customer purchasing in a certain date and record it accordingly. Conceptual Framework Significance of the Study This system will be able to lessen the difficulty of service providers in finding and locating the book/s the customer want to buy.

With corresponding details and price of each book, the clerk can be able to automatically inform the customer. This system will also help them know the quantity of books and stocks available. This will also function as a sales inventory for all the transactions recorded accordingly. This system will be able to lessen the time – consuming processes for clerk and customers, create a quick and easy ambiance for all transactions, to develop a customer clerk interaction with a good atmosphere, and especially to increase the number of sales because of the good services it provides.

Scope and Delimitation From manual system to automated system is a very hard job to do but for an easier way it is designed to make the work faster. This inventory system can keep all the information and transactions in the computer. The admin can do change if the customers can’t achieve his/her needs. Admin/Clerk can compute the bills of the customers in an easiest way. This system can display all the customers’ information and needs. The customers can have his/her record in the computer and can have his/her service in details as he/she has requested. Definition of Terms 1.

The act or process of making a complete list of the things that are in a place. 2. Sales The total amount of money that a business receives from selling goods or services. 3. Transaction A business deal: an occurrence in which goods, services, or money are passed from one person, account, company to another. 4. Bill An itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered. 5. Clerk A person whose job is to keep track of records and documents for a business or office. 6. Administrator A person who controls the use of something (such as property or money).

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