Born This Way (Album) by Lady Gaga

10 October 2019

We all have heard of the famous “Lady Gaga”, the young New York outcast who took the world by storm with her bold fashion statements and performances, but no one has really focused specifically on her music. It is difficult to focus on the music of such a strange character because when we think of lady gaga, we immediately think of her meat dress or extremely tall high heels, but Lady Gaga is a very inspirational artist who lives only to make her fans or “Monsters” happy. As an idol to thousands of people of all ages, we realize that her strange acts all have a different motive. Her latest album “Born This way” which features 14 of Gagas newest songs including “Judas” and “The Edge of Glory”, gaga expresses her feelings for equality and inspirational lyrics. She tells her fans to love themselves the way they are no matter what others say, and that everyone is perfect the way they are. No matter how strange Lady Gaga may seem, she has a big heart for the world she lives in today. She has been all over the world raising money for Japanese relief programs and performing for her monsters everywhere. She may be strange but she is not afraid to be who she truly is. She gives outcasts someone to look up to, using her own quote “Don’t you ever let anyone in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are,”
we realize that Lady gaga Isn’t a so called “freak,” but she is an amazing artist as well.

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