Born This Way by Lady Gaga

The front cover is Lady Gaga as a motorcycle, and above, it says “Born This Way”. On the back, it is Gaga in strange heels bending over. The inside includes pictures of her in hardly any clothes, or covered in some kind of purple blob. You know this album is going to be crazy.

Just listening to the singles, such as Born This Way, Judas and The Edge of Glory, one could think that Lady Gaga’s third album, Born This Way, is a mess, commercialized and not worth listening to. And then actually did listen to it, and all of her best songs haven’t been released as singles yet.

One thing I always look for in an album is a repeated theme or line. In this album, the constant theme is loving yourself and standing up for what you deserve, which is obvious in the single, Born This Way. Songs like Schiebe (which means “s***” in German, although the other German in the song is fake), Bad Kids, and Hair (a personal favorite) are about loving yourself and being yourself.

Gaga hasn’t just made an album with all club hits. There are some ballads (Gaga style) and love songs. The best one is definitely You and I. It’s about a 6 year relationship with someone from Nebraska, and she’ll never forget him because he’s as important as her father and Jesus. The Edge of Glory, Highway Unicorn (Road to Love), and Electric Chapel are all examples of her more beautiful songs about love.

And then there’s the crazy songs, that really have no relevance. Government Hooker is one of those about, well, a government hooker. She even has a little shout out to JFK and his cheating ways. I was surprised there’s nothing about Clinton. Judas is another crazy one, about her loving Judas, even though he’s pretty much the opposite of Jesus, and bad, bad, bad.

Another theme within this album is all of the different languages. There’s Spanish, French, (fake) German, and probably more that I didn’t even notice. If you want to learn another language than English, listen to this album! As I’m sure Gaga believes, don’t judge a book by its cover, and by the cover, I mean the horrible singles (other than You and I, of course). Just listen to the entire thing, because it’s pretty good.

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