Born to be Somebody by Justin Bieber

1 January 2020

Justin Bieber. The 17-year-old teenager who’s on the walls of thousands of girls worldwide.
Justin Bieber. Who’s hit “Baby” reached millions of views.
Justin Bieber. The guy many boy’s are jealous of.

You may know his songs as being just about girls. Wrong! Although he likes writing about girls and love, a couple of his songs fall into other topics.

Born to be Somebody by Justin Bieber Essay Example

For instance, “Pray” is a touching song about those who are going through a tough time; such as those who live in Haiti or Japan.

Another example? His song “Born to be Somebody”. It’s about having a dream, making that dream come true, and not letting people knock you down. The inspiring lyrics, such as “I was born to stand tall” and “Ain’t nothing that’s ever gonna stop me”, show that whatever anyone tells you, you should always do what you want to; never give up.

Justin doesn’t listen to the haterz, and that’s a good thing. Don’t mind them, because that just means you’re doing something right. Live your dream, no matter what anyone tells you.

When I heard this song, I thought of MY dream. I shouldn’t care what anyone says about me, and neither should you. “Born to be Somebody” is a touching, sweet song performed by an amazing singer.

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