Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

9 September 2019

Lana Del Rey, known for her smokey voice and timeless singing has just released her ablum β€œBorn to Die”. Lana Del Rey and various other artist including Justin Parker, Tim Larcombe, Emily Haynie, Dan Heath, Patrick Berger, Robopop, Mike Daly, The Nexus, Rick Nowels, Chris Braide, Jim Irvin, Al Shux, James Bauermein, and Jeff Bhasker put a lot of time and effort into creating her greatest and well known ablum. The album’s label was Interscope, Polydor and Stranger. This album has many hit songs, the most common ones are Videogames, Blue Jeans, Born to Die, Carmen, Off to the Races, and Radio.

There are 12 songs in the album, including Diet Mountain Dew, Million Dollar Man, and Summertime Sadness. The lyrics in these songs are very ereey, yet emotional. At the beginning of the album, her songs are mostly joyous and loving. She talks about love and how she was young and stupid and was willing to do anything. Towards the end of the album her songs start to get dark and gloomy, as if she lost the love one who once brought her joy.

The cover of the album seems to represent the music very well, the clean and crisp picture of her is like how she sings and how she presents herself.

This album is perfect for young adults or teens like myself. I would definitely download it, its worth the money. There is an endless possibility on what you can imagine her songs are about. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an old time, smokey voice album.

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