Born To Win by Muriel James & Dorothy Jongeward

4 April 2015
Reviews work on theory & application of Transactional Analysis in creating successful life & relationships.

After twenty years and more than 3 million copies sold, Born to Win proves that Transactional Analysis theory holds wide appeal for the American public attempting to decode and improve their interpersonal skills. Born to Win offers an overview of Transactional Analysis (16), emphasizes that the human spirit thrives in the midst of nurturing and positive attention (44), and suggests that everyone can become a winner (1) if they first begin by embracing authenticity (2). Transactional Analysis establishes as its ultimate goal the achievement of autonomy (263). According to Berne and his followers, one can achieve mastery over one’s self and others by learning to identify those parts of one’s self which operate ineffectively by producing conflict inside and outside the self.

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