Bottle and Expensive Bottled Water

Stereotype is a commonly known belief of a particular thin, individual or group. Stereotyping is associated with many shortcomings since it is difficult to convince people who have certain believe about something that they are wrong. An example of a stereotype is those people who drink bottled water only drink bottled water. Many consumers of bottled water believe that it is better than tap water but that not true. People tend to believe that they cannot drink any other water apart from the bottled water as they are convinced it is the safest water to drink.

Question arising from this stereotype is whether these people are justified to believe in bottled water as the best and only safe water to drink and that they cannot drink any other water apart from bottled water. Bottled water demanded and highly consumed by many people around the world. Turning on the tap, put a glass underneath, and drink is not simple for some people. The use of bottled water has been regarded by many as a describing factor of one’s status in the society and believes that consumption of water from the taps would be putting them very low.

The choice of water you drink can state a lot about who you are. Logically, one may think that drinking from most expensive bottled water would be adequate to show that you are too god for tap water. This situation creates a stereotype that only bottled water can describe who you are. Continued use of bottled water can sometime get individuals upset by the waste from the drinking bottles. Some consumers end up using sturdier, refillable bottles assuming it is not from the taps, but what they forget is that its tap water filled in bottles.

Others will use filters to refill their bottles as this will make them feel better using refillable bottles but they complicate things more. Plastic waste has been a challenge in the world though there are recycling plants only few waste bottles find their war to the plant. Most people love the convenience of bottled water, but if they were aware of the problems caused by it, they would just prefer to drink from the tap at home or carry a refillable steel container instead of a plastic one.

Research has also proved that plastic bottles can leak toxins into water resulting to bottle water users turn into metal bottles. Having a metal one would give precious advantage on a person who believes in bottled water by raising the environmental concern. If you spotted somebody drinking from expensive bottle, you could go for a kill by asking him or her whether he/she is aware, his bottle has a larger carbon footprint than you. Bottled water is generally water similar water from the taps as many governments have put extra effort to ensure safe water for its citizens.

Though stereotyping in some situations such as culture and race may lead to problems such as hate and conflict, the issue of consuming bottled water and only bottled water may turn ironical. This due to the fact that some of bottle water consumers are concerned about the presence of a bottle and forget that the water in these bottles is same water running in taps and even safer. Others will refill their bottles with same water they claim they do not take.

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