Bottle ecosystem lab report

Queen: Finally we are going to have a baby! (To the King) Narrator: In the month of May, the night of the full moon, Queen Maha Maya gave birth to her son. King: (To the Wise Men) What should we name our baby boy? Wise Men: Your son shall be named Siddharta, meaning he shall be the one whose wishes will be fulfilled. Be cautious however, this means that if the Prince sees a dead, old, sick person, or a monk, he will give up his wealth to become a monk himself. Narrator: The city rejoiced over the birth of their new Prince.

Sadly, two days after iving him life, Queen Maha Maya died. King: (Sobbing) My beautiful wife is dead! I mustn’t let my son become a monk! (To Prajapati) Please, you are the sister to my wife. You must help me raise my son. PraJapati: (To the Prince) My baby, my baby! How beautiful you are! You look so much like your mama! I will raise you to become the healthiest, happiest and smartest child in your class.

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Narrator: And that she did. Siddhartha was considered popular amongst his friends for always being so considerate to all life.

Siddhartha: (To the animals) Who’s a good rabbit? Want an apple? (Squirrel yelps) Siddhartha: Oh no! What are you squealing about?! You’re not hurt! Don’t be upset, you’re okay, you’re okay. (Siddhartha notices a boy beating a snake in the distance) Boy: Take that snake! Ha ha! Siddhartha: Stop it stop it! The snake is living too, for he has feelings Just as you and I do! Narrator: The Prince took it upon himself to be the animal advocate and defend their lives. One day, Siddhartha’s cousin, Devadatta, was treating nature cruely. bottle ecosystem lab report By swimmyswimswim

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