Bottled Water Contamination

A study of the report by the Natural Resources Defense Council that commercially bottled drinking water in the United States is often contaminated.

This paper describes undisclosed bottled water contamination in America. The paper reports that most of the bottled water is not frequently checked, and that a small percent of it is unsafe for the public. It illustrates how the American public has been advertised into perceiving that bottled water is pure and clean. The author calls for the labeling of bottled water to disclosing the water source, treatments and other key information.
“According to a four-year scientific study made recently public by Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) stated that the sales of bottled water in the United States have been blown up in recent years, mainly as a result of a public awareness of purity driven by advertisements and packaging labels featuring unspoiled glaciers and crystal-clear mountain springs. However, bottled water sold in the United States does not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water (NRDC).

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