Boys Don’t Cry

4 April 2015
A review of the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry.

This paper analyzes the film Boys Don’t Cry created in 1999, which explores how we identify gender and differentiate between the masculine and the feminine. The paper describes the story of the female Teena Brandon who masquerades herself as the male Brandon Teena. It illustrates visually that identity as male and female actually involves only a relative few visual and aural cues. The author writes that society does not tolerate that much freedom and that those who step too far outside the gender boundaries society has set are destroyed. The paper demonstrates how gender is not the only issue being tested in this film, for ideas about small towns, tolerance, and the threat of the outsider are also examined.
The film Boys Don’t Cry (1999, Kimberly Peirce) is based on a true story and raises numerous real-world issues in its story of a murder case in middle America in which the victim was a girl who successfully passed herself off as a boy. The film delves into gender issues, questions of identity, and the ethics of interpersonal relationships. First, the viewer asks why so many people were fooled for such a long time by this masquerade.

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