Boyz Ii Men

9 September 2019

I went to the Boyz II Men concert in Worcester, Massachusetts. The two opening acts were Brandy and Babyface. One word to describe them, fantastic!!! For fifteen-year-old Brandy, she had it all. A nice voice and a great performance. Babyface followed and he was amazing. A great artist with extraordinary talent. At one point, Babyface picked a girl from the audience and started singing to her. He also gave her $500 dollars and he said that each of the hundred dollar bills was for a time she was broken-hearted.

Before Boyz II Men went on stage, my three friends and I went backstage and met them. It was amazing, just like their performance. They were very nice and friendly. They gave each of us a bag filled with memorabilia. They sang new and old songs, which was great. Another great time was when they came from under the stage, holding roses while singing “I’ll Make Love To You.

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” They threw the roses to the audience. I thought that it was very romantic.

I would definitely go see them again in concert. It was a great night and worth every penny

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