Boyz II Men – Evolution

As I am sure most of you already know, Boyz II Men has returned, and they are back with more hits. This happens to be their first album in three years. It is titled “Evolution.” Last week, many people told me how good it was, so I went out and bought it for myself. As usual, their album is filled with slow songs as well as a couple of fast ones. My favorites include “Never,” “4 Seasons of Loneliness,” and “A Song For Mama.” They all talk about love, but only in two different senses. In order to understand the meanings of the songs, you must listen to the words. This album is for lovers, sensitive people, and for people who just like to listen to melodic tunes of four talented singers. It appears that with every song on the album you can (in some way) relate to your own experiences. The album also includes remade songs. I encourage anyone and everyone to purchase this album. The soulful young Philadelphians have done it once again. They’ve come back with another album that is bigger and in many ways better. “Evolution” receives a “10” in my book

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