Bra Boys:blood is thicker then water

8 August 2016

A documentary demonstrates an interpretation of the truth by attempting to persuade an audience to side with the makers to endorse their interpretations of issues and events. In the instance Bra boys; Blood is thicker then water, directed by Sunny Abberton, the Bra Boys gang is viewed as a imitation of a prodigious brotherhood gang of surfers that are victims from occurrences and backgrounds opposed to a gang that dispute with the law by an act of violence.

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The Bra Boys have interpreted issues and events by emphasizing the importance of family, belonging, brotherhood and multiculturalism. The use of presenting constructed footage and personal interviews endorses viewers to see the Bra Boys from a positive light, boys who are role models to younger generations of surfers and accept multiculturalism. Events and reenactments within the film proves this documentary is a interpretation of the truth made to display Bra Boys from a positive light therefore it can not be trusted.

These challenge Societies dominate social attitudes and values towards Bra Boys. In the documentary bra boys, blood is thicker then water; the director utilizes the boys characteristic features within a interview to help establish the bra boys as a strongly bonded brotherhood built on honesty, trust, loyalty and mate ship. As a result viewers are encouraged to approve the groups values such as integrity and cohesion which challenges predominate social views towards surfers from the town Maroubra.

These values within the group are presented through an interview with sunny Abberton, the director; where he sits in a dark room shirtless displaying the tattoo across his chest ‘my brothers keeper’. “Not everyone can get one, (tattoo) you have to be a stand up type of man. ” The tattoo symbolizes their belonging to the gang; it is a permanent sign of their commitment, exclusively based on loyalty and toughness. After the interview viewers respond to sunny and the boys in a positive light, it challenges dominant ways of thinking as they put friends first and have great integrity.

The bra boys are presented as role models for the next generation surfers. By focusing on the willingness of the bra boys to take the younger ones out and teach them how to surf and stay out of the drugs, viewers are encouraged to see them as a family group of inoffensive fun with values towards the next generation rather then a violent gang. This is presented through the montage of interviews with bra boys and parents of the younger generation surfers. Sunny quotes in an interview “the surf has saved so many kids around here.

” This displays the surf being an outlet from violence, drugs and shows a value of protection from the group. Jess’s mother quotes in an interview “I’m not one bit scared of my son hanging with the boys. ” This displays the trust and respect the boys receive from parents, encouraging viewers to admire the boys. Viewers are encouraged to make out bra boys as positive role models with open arms towards kids who suffer from dysfunctional families or who live in unsafe environments. Towards the end of the documentary ‘bra boys’, the film displays the boy’s involvement in the Cronulla riots on the 11th December 2005.

At this point of the film the documentary emphasizes the boys enthusiasm towards multiculturalism within the community. The bra boys are viewed calling for peace between the surf communities and the Lebanese, creating some confusion as they are ‘often criticized for their antisocial behavior and running back with authorities. ’ This was ‘a defining moment for the bra boys. ’ The boy’s attitudes towards multiculturalism are presented through constructed footage of the bra boys enthusiastically shaking hands and embracing each other.

This action has been preformed to convince the audience that the bra boys accept multiculturalism. The constructed footage helps viewers realize that documentaries are highly constructed texts, however reinforces they are proud to be Ausies by acknowledging their heritage and traditions of immigrants making Australia fare home. This challenges societies view on multiculturalism due to the fact bra boys are an exclusive gang and would not accept everyone into their brotherhood.

To conclude, Bra Boys are viewed as an imitation of a prodigious brotherhood gang of surfers that are victims from occurrences and backgrounds rather then a gang that dispute with the law by an act of violence. Bra Boys are presented with a positive light who are role models built on honesty, trust, loyalty and mate ship who emphasize the importance of family and multiculturalism. The documentary is an interpretation of the truth, biased so as to challenge societies dominant ways of thinking; therefore it cannot be trusted.

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