Brahms’ Two Piano Concertos

4 April 2015
A study of Brahms’ first and second piano concertos.

This paper examines the birth and development of Brahms’ first and second piano concertos. The paper describes the poor reception to the first concerto and Brahms’ subsequent reluctance to compose another concerto. Thus the writer explains the twenty year break between the first and second concerto. The paper provides a detailed musical description of these two concertos.
`Various compositions that are now highly praised as masterpieces were not predominantly triumphant in their early years, but few were greeted by actual hisses from the audience. Those that were had typically committed the sin of being too progressive for their day. One such example, the most notorious one, the First Piano Concerto by Brahms a fact which must have been shocking to this composer, who so little identified with progressives. It was one of his first, and most tender, encounters with the determination of the musical establishment. `

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