Brain and Glucose Food-delivers Calories

5 May 2017

In one sentence for each resource – water, food and oxygen – explain how this resource helps provide power to the human body. Oxygen- Provides energy to all parts of the body along with Glucose Food-Delivers calories and carbohydrates to the body giving it energy Water-allows for hydration and refueling of the blood in our bodies 2. What factors do you think influence how long your body can last without food, water or oxygen? Factors of this would include your environment, your physical health, your mental health, and your diet. 3. How do you think the brain nd the nervous system assist in times of limited body resources?

The brain and the nervous system work together to send signals to the body letting it know when it needs to switch fuels and when it needs to stop all together. 1. How did the swimmer in the video prepare for the energy demands he was about to place on his body? He simply prepared his mind mentally and went through a lot of physical training. He also gained 16 pounds of body fat. 2. How did his body manage his fuel reserves? What macromolecules did his body look to first for energy? What did his body do when this resource ran out? It rationed them the best it could.

Brain and Glucose Food-delivers Calories Essay Example

It looked for calories first, and when this ran out he started to use his body fat as energy. 3. List the body systems that were affected during Mauro Prosperi’s Journey across the desert. Describe how you think he was able to last as long as he did. Think about how his body would deal with his environment and how Mauro could work to conserve his energy resources. Almost every, body system, was affected by the conditions that this man had to undergo. His body was loaded up on plenty of body fat. This allowed him to ration his resources and maintain as much of his nergy as possible.

His body assumingly ran out of its primary fuel source quickly. After this it had to go to its fat cells in order to maintain life. 4. What type of meal would a long distance runner or swimmer want to eat the night before a grueling race? Explain your choices. They should eat anything with plenty of carbohydrates, and definitely some decent calories. As long as it is the night before the race, they will be fine because it will already be digested and stored within the body. This is what would be preparing them for a good race the next day. Brain and Glucose Food-delivers Calories By Jayman959

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