Brand New Eyes by Paramore

10 October 2019

“Brand New Eyes” is the third album from the alternative rock band Paramore and they have managed to truly make another great album filled with a variety of different emotions following their take on success. This album has taken their sound to the next level and provides fans with a road map of their journey in Hollywood and their struggle to keep the band together.

“Careful” is the opening track and is a high tempo song filled with enough electric guitar solos to make listeners put the song on repeat.

Songs such as “Ignorance” and “Looking up” tell the tale of the band’s struggle to stay together and have heart-felt lyrics that allow listeners to understand the band’s feelings. “Looking Up” shows the band’s appreciation of their success with lyrics such as, “Honestly can you believe we crossed the world while it’s asleep? I’d never trade it in”. Both of these songs are very upbeat and leave listeners eager to hear more.

“Misguided Ghosts” and “The Only Exception” shows lead singer, Hayley William’s vocal strengths and are extremely good acoustic ballads to complete the album. Both songs include lyrics that are very relatable for any Paramore fan, guy or girl that has had a long lasting relationship with a few rocky roads in between.

Overall this album is definitely different from Paramore’s previous albums and is a great choice for any alternative rock fan who loves a good sing along. As listeners carefully listen to the album from beginning to end they will be sure to understand the band Paramore as a whole, with their touching lyrics and rocking harmonies.

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