Brandon Lee

4 April 2015
Life & career of martial arts film actor & son of Bruce Lee, focusing on his death filming “The Crow”.

The untimely death of actor Brandon Lee would have been a major story under any circumstances–the death of an actor by accidental shooting during the filming of a movie is both rare and shocking and so would attract a good deal of attention. However, the death of Brandon Lee at the age of 28 created more of a stir than might otherwise have been the case because of his family history, with the sudden death of his father, Bruce Lee, when the latter had achieved international stardom at the age of 32, and because of the nature of the film he was shooting, a film about a hero who returns from the dead. The story was thus played up as if there were a curse on the Lee family and as if aspects of the movie being made had come to life, with the movie also being made out to have been unlucky from the beginning.

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Brandon Lee was eight years old when his father died, and he..

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