Brandy – Never Say Never

If you haven’t listened to Brandy’s new CD, “Never Say Never,” then you haven’t listened to real music yet. We recently borrowed the CD from a friend and didn’t want to give it back. Brandy is a talented singer with a unique voice. (She is a spectacular actress, too.)

“Never Say Never” is both the title of her CD and one of her fabulous songs. Her dance music also gets you into an emotional or romantic mood. A couple of her songs feature other famous singers and rappers. Her feelings are strong and plain on songs such as “Top of the World” (featuring Mase), where she vividly shows that her life is not suddenly a “fairy tale” due to her success. Everyone remembers the chart-topping single, “The Boy is Mine” (with singer Monica) which was number one for weeks. The recently released “Have You Ever” is currently making it to the top. One of our personal favorites is “Everything I Do, I Do It for You.” It’s a very romantic song when she sings it.

Face it – it has been awhile since her last CD. Even still, her latest album definitely shows how Brandy has grown up since her first album. She expresses herself, her feelings and life situations through her music – the songs she sings and writes. When we listen to her music, we get a tingly feeling that makes us want to smile, sing and dance.

Like the title of her CD, “Never Say Never,” you can’t say that Brandy will never come out with something new. Whenever you think that Brandy is done with her music career, she starts all over again. We would definitely recommend this CD to all, even if you’re not a fan. We guarantee your feelings for Brandy’s music will change in a positive way. We give her CD 4 stars.

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