4 April 2015
Overview of Brazil’s capital. National significance, culture, politics, history, geography, planning, problems and socioeconomics.

The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, a city bulldozed from the wilderness in 1957. This city holds a special place not only because it was a planned city but because it has become the focus for various groups that see the region as mystic in nature. Brazil is a gigantic country that offers startling geographic and socioeconomic contrasts. The culture that has developed in this area, constituting the fifth largest nation in the world, is marked by the use of Portuguese as the official language and the mixture of Portuguese and Brazilian cultures makes this area subtly different from its neighbors with their Hispanic heritage. Brazil is also the largest Roman Catholic nation in the world. The nation is also made up of many immigrant groups from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including millions of Italians, Germans, Slavs, Arabs, Japanese, and others, all of.

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