Brave New World 1984 Essay Research

7 July 2017

Brave New World 1984 Essay, Research Paper

Brave New World 1984 Essay Research Essay Example

Undoubtedly, the idea of life in, or organizing a Utopian society has flashed through every individual? s head, a few people have even tried to do this ideal dream society a world. Unfortunately, within the chase of these societies the leaders become corrupt and get down to go paranoid with the fright of rebellion. Hundreds were murdered under the reigns of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin in what they considered steps to keep peace and stableness, one must besides see the adversities that the citizens were forced to digest while populating under these oppressive authoritiess. This dream of organizing and keeping a Utopian society was immortalized in two novels covering with the same basic thoughts, 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Both of these novels deal with the lives of chief characters who unwittingly become revolutionists in a totalitarian authorities, nevertheless these two books greatly differ with the mode in which the authorities controls the population and the stringency of the steps taken to keep these stableness. This essay with comparison or contrast the message and tone of each novel every bit good as whether the Utopia is a positive or negative one.

In 1984, George Orwell explores the many aspects of a negative Utopia. Orwell seems to concentrate on the steps that the authorities takes to keep a populace of plebeians who have no personality or individuality and believe that they non alone persons, but alternatively are portion of a greater mindless rabble of people who invariably work for a hostile and oppressive authorities which is involved in ceaseless wars. These people are taught to love, and so larn fright, their authorities while believing all of the propaganda that is invariably instilled into their heads as they willing follow their authorities without competition for the continuance of their meaningless lives. The authorities controls all signifiers of the media ( therefore denying the people the basic right of free address ) and utilize it to body the authorities ( known as? large brother? ) and do it look almighty, or all knowing and ever correct. Prognosiss are changed from one hebdomad to the following ever turn outing the authorities was right. As was mentioned before, many of the rights that present twenty-four hours Americans take for granted, such as freedom of address and the unalienable rights of persons are withheld from the common citizen, the workers. George Orwell evidently meant to portray a negative Utopia in the fresh 1984.

Although the novel Brave New World is comparable to 1984 as both are positions of a totalitarian authorities which attempts to supply its citizens with a Utopian society, the differ drastically every bit Brave New World could be perceived as a positive Utopia ( in contrast to veto one in 1984 ) . Although there are many drawbacks of this & # 8220 ; future & # 8221 ; society such as its deficiency of individualism and loving relationships, which include non merely the love expressed within the confines of a household but besides the loved shared between spouses in a married twosome. Humans were treated as research lab experiments, & # 8220 ; created utilizing the Bokanovsky procedure? embryos are like exposure movie, they can merely stand ruddy light. & # 8221 ; On the other manus, though, the citizens had a much greater trade of freedom than what is allowed to those populating in the 1984- society. The society is maintained non by force, but through a much simpler and more clever solution, the caste system. Every member of the caste system is genuinely happy with their lives ; from the lower three castes whose lives consist of meaningless occupations like lift operators to assembly line workers to the rational alpha & # 8217 ; s who were the minds and consumers of the society. This is a much more peaceable manner of keeping the stableness of the public. Since every member of the society is genuinely content with their lives this is a positive Utopia.

Fear, paranoi

a, solitariness, sexual desire and other emotions experienced by Winston Smith, the chief character in 1984, are conveyed from the writer to the reader through the tone in which the novel is written. Winston Smith is invariably afraid of the authorities which controls every facet of his life and is ever paranoid that he might by chance state something in his slumber ( in which instance he would be detected by the screen which is in his flat ) or to another individual ( in which instance he might be reported ) . The society in which Winston Smith lives is purely against loving relationships, therefore Mr. Smith is invariably lonely. Mr. Smith’s married woman disappeared many old ages ago and though the society is against sexual dealingss ( other than for reproduction ) Mr. Smith still desires to pass clip with a adult female.

Much like in 1984 the writer of Brave New World uses tone to convey the emotions of the chief characters, nevertheless they are ( for the most portion ) much more pleasant than those of 1984. In Brave New World the reader experiences mindless felicity and fulfilment. In the beginning of the fresh most of the characters are satisfied with their lives and are happy with their society, therefore the tone is blithe and pleasant. Towards the terminal of the book, nevertheless the tone all of a sudden displacements. Confusion is expressed as John is transferred from his little, confined universe on the reserve to what he perceives as an immoral society in the & # 8220 ; weather new world. & # 8221 ; Besides, the reader experiences the exhilaration and fright created during the brush between & # 8211 ; among others & # 8211 ; John, Bernard and Mustapha Mond.

Finally, in 1984 George Orwell urged the reader to non sit back softly and let a authorities of such qualities to organize. Orwell shared with the reader a position of the hereafter and the horrors that may be yet to come. Orwell used Winston Smith non merely as a anticipation of what life may be like in the hereafter but besides as a agency in which to research how the authorities would utilize propaganda and fright of the missile onslaughts to command the workers. Since Winston Smith ironically was, himself, a member of the very & # 8220 ; Big Brother & # 8221 ; authorities he gave his life to contend against.

In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley delivers unto the reader what appears to be a message of grasp. Although the society Huxley created was non wholly bad, Huxley urges the reader to be appreciative of their households, loves, and individualism. In Brave New World everyone but the alpha & # 8217 ; s and beta & # 8217 ; s travel through a nonmeaningful life filled merely with work and remainder. When one reads this novel they see the society as acceptable, myself included, but when one considers it one merely contemplates populating as an alpha or beta because the reader can non contemplate populating without being able to explicate thoughts and fundamentally think. No 1 considers populating as one of the lower castes and merely working throughout life until decease. Therefore, the decision can be drawn that Huxley intended to portray an acceptable society on the surface with unwanted traits hidden deeper.

In decision, both of these novels portray and attractive life in a Utopian society & # 8211 ; in one can conform to the regulations. However, when people can non conform to the societies in which they dwell ( as the chief characters of both novels can non ) they are branded as revolutionists and punished as treasonists. A life in 1984 would be about excessively intolerable to populate and in Brave New World unless one is willing to accept the caste system and populate a life meant merely to bring forth ( as a lower caste ) or consume ( as a higher caste ) . Therefore far this essay has compared, but chiefly contrasted the great differences between the societies in these two novels, there is one great similarity nevertheless: be grateful for holding been born into a rationalism society where a individual can be genuinely free. Our present society may non be genuinely perfect, but as these two novels show, it does non acquire much better than this.

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