Brave New World 4 Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Brave New World 4 Essay, Research Paper

Brave New World Final

1. ) The Savage Reservation is similar to the Utopia universe in several ways. They both have drugs that are designed to quiet people down. Soma, used in the Utopia and mescal used in the Reservation. They both besides have a separation within their ain society. The Utopia has societal castes and the reserve has separation between the work forces and adult females, the work forces holding more power. The two universes besides both have ceremonials. The Utopia has the binge scup ceremonial in which everyone gathers around and has an binge, therefore the name. The Savage Reservation has traditional dancing ceremonials like the many traditional Indian folks have today. The two civilizations have many similar thoughts, merely expressed a small otherwise.

These two societies besides have many different imposts, ways, and manners of life. The Brave New World is clean, healthful, and organized. Where as in the reserve at that place s refuse every where, its dusty, and full of Canis familiariss and flies, the complete antonym. In the Utopia people aren t born any longer, they are grown. Another difference between the two universes is in the Reservation people are still born the old manner manner. In the Brave New World everyone is immature and pretty their whole lives thanks to chemicals and conditioning. It s the complete antonym in the barbarian reserve. As seen by the old adult male, it s shown that people in the Reservation age usually, free their dentitions, and acquire furrows. The reserve represents more of an old, more category clip period whereas the Utopia is possibly non to distant hereafter gone incorrect. In both societies, both of them still are imperfect but in wholly different ways.

2. ) When Linda was on the reserve she didn T seem to get by with it really good. She got fat, became an alky, and was merely a large muss. She hated how soiled the reserve was and how there was no easy accessible hot H2O so she could clean things. She hated the beastly clothes she had to have on alternatively of her old favorite apparels. Linda besides didn Ts like the fact that she has to repair her apparels alternatively of merely throwing them away when they got worn and so merely merely purchasing new apparels. She missed the haoma because merely mescal is available to her now, gives her a katzenjammer which she disliked. She hated how she got pregnant with John because she was taken off from everything she loved. She was forced so to acquire used to this wholly new life manner. Though she liked the mother-son relationship with toilet. When she comes back to the Utopia she took advantage of the Soma and went on a non-stop haoma trip.

3. ) John is an foreigner in the Reservation community. He was barred from get marrieding the Indian miss he loved and from being initiated into the folk like really other male child. He was denied the folk s community and individuality, which made him different and an foreigner. So alternatively he goes through the inductions rites of fasting and woolgathering on his ain to turn out to himself that he is a adult male. John besides didn Ts like work forces kiping with his female parent because it made him more of an castaway. Linda was kiping with everyone when she fist arrived she was punished and looked down upon by the folk. So John is looked down upon every bit good because when they see John they think Linda. When they think of her they see shame and shame. John has no existent topographic point in the reserve ; he s caught between the two universes and neither privation to accept him in as their ain.

4. ) John and Bernard portion some qualities and traits. They both feel different from everyone else ; they re castawaies in each of their ain universes. John is an castaway because of his female parent due to her different nature. Bernard is an castaway because he likes to be entirely, which no 1 understands and kind of understands beauty, which is another unknown construct to most of the Utopians. Both of them are diffident when it comes to adult females and they want more that merely to kip with adult females they want a existent relationship, which Lenina doesn T understand. The two, John and Bernard both are in love with Lenina and both feel that they aren t worthy of her. They besides both don T cognize how to show their feelings and ideas to Lenina really good. It takes Lenina a small piece before she catches on. John and Bernard are merely two alone culls looking for some compassion.

John is besides rather different from Bernard. John is from an ugly, barbarian universe that is more true to nature than Bernard s is. Bernard is from a classy, civilised universe but has screwed around with nature possibly excessively much. Bernard is better educated than John is, but John has a better apprehension of Shakespeare than Bernard of all time could. This is because John gets the thought of household and love, holding a Linda and Pope, as a male parent figure. All Bernard wants is to suit in to society and be like everyone, which happens for awhile when he brings John to the Utopia. John on the other manus wants to distribute the truth to people and put things into what he sees every bit right into the society. So when he s speaking to the accountant, he tries converting him to alter the Utopia and to repair things to how they use to be. John is more wild and unsafe than Bernard, while Bernard is an easier traveling, romantic cat.

5. ) John uses Shakespeare to show feelings he doesn t cognize rather how to state, but even sometimes Shakespeare doesn T even have the right words. He uses Shakespeare to larn new constructs about life and human nature that he knows nil about and that s what involvements him into reading it. He uses Shakespeare as a mention for everything he feels. Even though he doesn t acquire the whole image that Shakespeare is stating, he understands that household is of import in 1s life and that s is one of his jobs he has with the Utopia. He understands the construct of love to a point and that s why he quotes Shakespeare to Lenina a twosome times, to demo his emotions. He talks about enduring to the Controller seeking to explicate how easy and apparent life is without enduring, how unreal it is and how you cant go on to larn without it. With enduring you can so understand true beauty. You can t larn from your errors and of all time germinate from them without the two.

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6. ) The Controller says faith is more for older people because one might desire to cognize why they exist and why they are here, but since no one gets old in the Utopia, it isn t an issue. He besides talks about how people merely tend to inquire about faith when they are entirely for self-reflecting. Thought since no 1 is entirely in the Brave New World any longer, or at least about ne’er this doesn T happen. He says that faith was good for people who needed hopes and dreams to put ends so that had something to actuate them and give them trust in difficult times. But now no 1 needs any of this since decease is non a fear thanks to decease conditioning and Soma. Peoples in the Utopia have everything they want they don t need any kind of motive and they aren t looking for any replies, so why would they need any faith? Mond believes that faith is for the weak and lame, for those who are looking for replies and need counsel.

7. ) The Controller says that truth and beauty go manus in manus. To hold beauty and art, you need truth. Without truth there is no apprehension of art, therefore no existent art can be produced. Art is seeking to demo or stand for human life and originative thoughts of an person. The art has a lesser of a significance because so many constructs have been taken off from the people. But in the Utopia there is no history to picture in art. They have no history, no existent hurting, and no thought what good art would be because everything is good already so there s nil bad to compare it to. How could anything stand out and be recognized if everything was so good. If every piece of art was every bit good as the Sistine Chapel, it wouldn t be particular so any longer and it would hold no value.

8. ) The Controller believes that Soma is necessary to maintain society together. He feels that it holds people together as a community and as a whole. He expresses that if somehow you of all time feel unpleasant in any manner, Soma is merely what you need. It s merely a perfect flight from world merely take a twosome of pills when of all time you feel like it and you won Ts suffer any side affects. The Controller felt that after a short Soma vacation, your choler is calmed and you are a better individual to the remainder of society now. In the yesteryear you could merely make these things by doing the attempt for several old ages of difficult moral preparation, and with rigorous faith. But now half your morality is now safely tucked into a Soma bottle.

9. ) John thought that decease conditioning was one of the most unmoral things about the Utopia. John felt that when a loved one is deceasing s/he should pass his or her leftover clip with loved 1s, but in this Brave New World no 1 is loved any longer. He hated the fact that there was no regard for the 1s who were deceasing. No 1 goes to see people while they are in their last hours or goes to demo their respects at a funeral or graveyard after one is gone, s/he is merely forgotten. John most likely feels like this because it reassures him to believe that he will be remembered after he s gone in the reserve and non merely forgotten in this universe. Which is what faith aid does for many today. It s merely normal human nature, unlike the Utopians. Peoples merely want to experience like they have a intent in life, its merely human nature.

10. ) John does what he does in the terminal out of confusion and choler. This Utopian society has anger him, confused him, and twisted his ideas around so much that he doesn T cognize what to believe. That s likely one of his grounds for traveling to the old beacon construction. He needed to acquire off from it all and to reflect on what s traveling on. Then when the media crowd gathers he acquire angry about what this universe has done to people, what it has done to Lenina particularly. All the choler plus the confusion of all the people around him he starts floging who is thought to be Lenina and starts a immense bash. Then after that he feels so ashamed about what he had done he couldn t unrecorded with himself any longer and committed self-destruction. He commits self-destruction for other grounds as good. He can t take the Utopian society any longer, its doggedness in non altering, and every bit good as being depressed without Lenina and his female parent.

Excess Recognition:

a. ) The construct of love merely exists in the Utopia over ownerships and their life, non over people. The Utopian s Don T understand what love is due to all the conditioning they have gone through as a kid and non holding any parents in their life. Lenina is a perfect illustration of this. She is baffled and scared of the love thought that John tries to show to her. All she understands from John is that he wants her, and so she confuses this with sex and gets herself in a large muss. There is one sort of love though that does be in the Utopia and that is the love over ownerships. Lenina for illustration loves her apparels and how she is a beta, but she has non emotional love over anyone. This goes for everyone in the Utopia. The lone manner this would alter in the Utopia is if they had any kind of household, like Linda did. Linda was possibly the lone Utopian that of all time experiences existent emotional love, which was towards toilet. This shows that love starts from household, so subsequently expressed into others like John to Lenina.

B. ) History merely exists to the really few elite in the Utopia. The lone people who knew any history at all are Alphas, likely merely Alpha assets. All they would cognize though is that household s existed at one clip, with the whole female parent, male parent, and kid relationship. The lone people who would cognize any existent history would be the 10 universe accountants, like Mustapha Mond. The accountants know history likely for two grounds. One because its been passed down from accountant to controller throughout the coevalss. Second any good leader should be good educated in the humanistic disciplines and history, as Mustapha Mond is. To everyone else in the general Utopian public history has no function because it is bunk. It seems though that because history is non taught the Utopian civilisation doesn T better. The job with that is how do they know what they re making is the best manner to run things. And the Utopia already isn Ts perfect if there are people like Bernard and Linda. If you don t learn from your errors how do you acquire better.

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