Brave New World Happiness Essay Research Paper

Brave New World: Happiness Essay, Research Paper

Happiness? What is the monetary value of felicity? What things in our lives would we be willing to give up so that the planet as a whole would run more expeditiously? Would at that place be any thing that we would volitionally give up ; freedom, faith, equality, love, fright? In Aldous Huxley s Brave New World it is suggested that the monetary value of cosmopolitan felicity will be the forfeit of the most sacred apothegms of our civilization: maternity, place, household, freedom, and even love. He indicates that felicity derives from devouring mass-produced goods, athletics, promiscuous sex, & # 8220 ; the feelies & # 8221 ; , and a purportedly perfect pleasure-drug, haoma. His Brave New World is basically a benevolent oligarchy, under the way of 10 universe accountants ; their spokesman is Mustapha Mond, Resident Controller of Western Europe. He governs a society where all facets of an single & # 8217 ; s life, from construct and conveyor-belt reproduction onwards, are determined by the province. The individualism of Brave New World s two billion dwellers is suppressed. A authorities agency, the Predestinators, decides a prospective citizen & # 8217 ; s function in the hierarchy. Children are raised and conditioned by the province bureaucratism, non brought up by natural households. Value has been stripped off from the individual as an single homo being ; regard belongs merely to society as a whole. Citizens must non fall in love, marry, or have their ain childs. Society has no historical influence. It is interesting that in this utopia cognition of the yesteryear is banned to forestall covetous comparings. One would believe that history lessons would be encouraged alternatively. That manner the people could bring out for themselves the horror that one time was. What is so awful is that I think that this is where our society is heading, and even scarier is the fact that I don t think we can assist it.Brave New World wasn T written meaning to arouse merely how fantastic our lives could be if the human genome were rewritten, in fact it was about the opposite. Huxley was showing to us a universe which, in his clip, was on the frontiers of scientific discipline. He was publishing a profoundly pessimistic warning against all signifiers of familial technology and eugenics. His position is to play it safe because nature knows best. It is in today s universe that this has become a world. Genetic technology has now gone beyond that of modified nutrients and has moved into animate beings. Possibly one twenty-four hours our Deoxyribonucleic acid will be spliced and edited so we can all bask life-long felicity, amazing experiences, and hideous designer-drug

s. The inevitable inquiry is that ; will this be a bad thing? I think it has to be.

Huxley implies that by get rid ofing filth and mental hurting, the Brave New Worlders have got rid of the most profound experiences that life can offer. Populating in a haoma induced bliss-like province would genuinely be the ultimate Utopia, but every twenty-four hours would merely be another drug induced, unreal high. We get intimations that some of the Utopians feel dissatisfied, and have an intermittent sense that their lives are nonmeaningful. Contrary to the Brave New World, I feel that if we are to experience existent felicity we have to happen true fulfilment and significance in our ain lives. All of the good parts in our lives are contrasted with those that are bad, because everything is a balance.The category hierarchy, which is the New World, is another negative facet, at least from our point of position. We look at it as a awful thing to be commanding these peoples live, making out of them whatever we want. But truly, is it that bad? It can t be. The Epsilons are merely as happy, if non happier than the Alphas. Although this is in portion due to soma. The people learn to love being themselves. Everyone learns to esteem Alphas who & # 8220 ; work much harder than we do, because they & # 8217 ; rheniums so terribly clever. & # 8221 ; But they besides learn to take pleasance in non being anyone else. It may look that what the lower categories are put through is similar to break one’s back labour. But they don Ts know any better, and the felicity they derive from their routine-bound lives warrants stableness for society as a whole.Even by its ain standards, Brave New World is non a society where everyone is perfect and happy. There are refuges in Iceland and the Falklands for alpha misfits. Bernard Marx is disillusioned and emotionally insecure. Lenina has jobs which when she runs out of haoma, she gets ill. Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning was guilty of an injudiciousness when sing the Reservation. It s all merely a mess.Brave New World is an basically loveless, unnaturally happy society. Though a hereafter life in a society such as the Brave New World may be absolutely executable and likely, there must be more feasible options. Trusting on a drug is to a peculiarly safe manner to maintain society stable. Besides, the really things which I think make us human have been taken off by the accountants in the Brave New World. The entropy of life, love, freethinking, fear hatred ; are no longer left up to an person. It may better the quality of life, and on norm the quality of life might be better, but this would be o manner to populate.

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