Brave New World Huxley Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Brave New World ( Huxley ) Essay, Research Paper

Science Run Amuck in Brave New World

Brave New World is a fresh set 100s of old ages into our ain hereafter. On Earth, the Nine Years War tore the planet apart in the twelvemonth A.F 178. Eerily, splenic fever bombs dropped from the sky killed tonss of people, what we in the station 9/11 universe fear the most. When the dust settled, world banded together to make a new universe called the & # 8220 ; World State. & # 8221 ; Their slogan is & # 8220 ; Community, Identity, Stability, & # 8221 ; and it is all excessively much nowadays as you will see. This hereafter is a badly different topographic point. To stabilise the public, world has cloned each other by the 1000s. Babies are conditioned by a caste system, and everyone grows up to make a specific occupation. Cold and unfertile scientific discipline replaces faith, individualism, and hazard. Everyone is encouraged to pleasure themselves ( through promiscuousness, diversion and drugs & # 8230 ; soma, ) but non to hold a bad twenty-four hours. This is evocative of the & # 8220 ; Roaring 20 & # 8217 ; s & # 8221 ; and the & # 8220 ; free love & # 8221 ; motion of the 1960 & # 8217 ; s. In this hereafter, to be monogamous, bond, or soul-search would individual you out as a lone wolf. Here, & # 8220 ; everyone belongs to everyone else. & # 8221 ;

The old ages one time noted by A.D ( Anno Domini, or After Christ ) are replaced by A.F ( After Ford. ) Ford & # 8217 ; s doctrine became a faith, pass overing out over two thousand old ages of Christianity from universe history. Now there is no history, except that which existed After Ford, it was outlawed. As we all know, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line into modern society. In A.D, The assembly line was a more adept manner to bring forth the car. In the courageous new universe, nevertheless, the assembly line mass-produced human existences themselves. The courageous new scientists discovered a manner to come on the cloning procedure. They clone up to 96 embryos from a female egg cell by Bokanovsky & # 8217 ; s procedure. Embryos were so & # 8220 ; bottled & # 8221 ; and set on an assembly line

that moved 33 centimetres a twenty-four hours. On the line, the foetuss were tampered with and they received early conditioning to be portion of one of the five castes. “Alpha” was the highest category ( think projectile scientist, ) and Elipson was the lowest category ( believe gas station attender. ) These babes are non born of a mother’s uterus, but “decanted” ( unbottled. ) They receive more conditioning and undergo “hypnopaedia” – a sleep instruction procedure where beliefs are inserted into their ideas. Young kids every bit immature as seven old ages old are encouraged to be promiscuous and experiment with sex. They are practising for their functions as grownups in the new universe. Of the females decanted, 70 % are unfertile “freemartians.” The other 30 % are fertile, but adhere to a rigorous policy of birth control. The lone ground so many are fertile is because they are populating egg givers. To be pregnant is considered cruddy and disgusting, and many new worlders do non even cognize what “parents” are. If this is non playing God, I do non cognize what is.

It is dry that today what we regard so extremely could perchance someday eliminate our personal freedoms. I believe Huxley, the writer, intended to portion a prognostication with us all: scientific discipline run amok will be mankind its humanity in the terminal. The most dramatic parallel Huxley makes is to cloning: he was good in front of his clip & # 8230 ; When this novel was written in the 1930 & # 8217 ; s, cloning worlds was non even a possibility. Between so and now, engineering has exploded, turning by springs and bounds. As we all saw in 1998 with Dolly the sheep, cloning is possible. Huxley had foresight into what may merely go on if worlds continue to play God. There is a all right line where scientific discipline can traverse excessively far, where it hurts more than helps. The World State has crossed that line, and I believe they sacrificed their humanity in the procedure. We populating in an epoch of atomic and biological arms should take attentiveness.

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