Brave New World Vs Modern Society Essay

9 September 2017

Brave New World Vs. Modern Society Essay, Research Paper

Although the book Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, was written more than

60 old ages ago, its topic has become more popular since most of the

engineerings described in the book have, at least, partly, go a world.

Huxley & # 8217 ; s community of Utopia is a futuristic society designed by familial

technology, and controlled by nervous conditioning with mind-altering drugs and

a manipulative media system. Yet, despite the similarities, the reader besides finds

many contrasts between the two societies.

and Possibly the most outstanding contrast between Huxley s Utopia and our

modern society, trades with the issue of reproduction. The bulk of babes born

in our society today, are still the consequence of intercourse between a adult male and a

adult female. In many instances the birth of a kid is a memorable and joyous event for

the adult female. In Utopia, nevertheless, if a adult female is caught bearing progeny, she will

be punished by expatriate. Offspring non produced the society s manner is a menace to the

society s being, in the eyes of the leaders. As today, gestation, in Utopia,

could be prevented utilizing a assortment of methods. Where our society uses male

and female birth control methods, Utopia has pregnancy replacement ( a process

in which Utopian adult female are given all the psychological benefits of childbearing

without undergoing it ) and Malthusian drill ( similar to today s birth control pills ) .

However, modern society and Huxley s Utopia both explore the advantages of

unreal reproduction, although Utopia has taken it to the extreme: The

Bokanovsky Process, is a method whereby a human egg s normal development

is arrested, so buds, bring forthing many indistinguishable eggs. My good

male child! & # 8230 ; Bokanovsky s Process is one of the major instruments of societal stableness!

( Huxley, 7 ) . Not merely did this method create 1000000s of automaton like citizens for

Utopia, but the leaders have supreme control over any menace of overpopulation.

Utopian predestinators decide the future map of each embryo, basically

delegating category position. In this manner, the leaders of Utopia are besides able to

maintain the societal categories balanced in the manner they felt benefited everyone.

Although the reader sees some dissipation of societal categories in modern

society, in Utopia, the category differentiations were tangible. A five-tiered caste

system is maintained which ranks Alphas and Betas on top followed by

Gammas, Deltas, and the semi-moronic, omnipresent Epsilons. The slogan

& # 8220 ; Community, Identity, Stability & # 8221 ; frames the Utopian societal construction. In Huxley s

& # 8220 ; community & # 8221 ; each grade has its intent in the society, from the Alphas who serve

as intellectuals to the common Epsilons who function as the pure humble

labourers. & # 8220 ; Identity & # 8221 ; is established in the Conditioning Centre through the

separation of the embryos into one of five categories and & # 8220 ; stableness & # 8221 ; is insured

through the restrictions placed on the intelligence of each group. Whereas in

today s society a individual s outer visual aspect and attire may non uncover his wealth

and position, in Utopian society, a individual s unifo

rm is the badge of his category.

& # 8230 ; eight-month-old babes, all precisely likewise ( a Bokanovsky group, it was apparent )

and all ( since their caste was Delta ) dressed in khaki. ( 20 ) . This really seeable

reduplication of one s position serves to farther status the grades to non-interaction,

something that modern society conceives of as a atavist to unenlightened

times. Beneath them lay the edifices of the Golf Club-the immense Lower Caste

barracks and, on the other side of a spliting wall, the smaller houses reserved

for Alpha and Beta members. ( 73 )

Indeed our public instruction system is a testimonial to a more enlightened

position of society. Free instruction is the agencies by which people of changing

backgrounds and position intermingle. It is besides the vehicle for guaranting unfastened

entree to the tools necessary to guarantee one s success in whatever your chosen

profession. The kids of Utopia do non bask such ideals of instruction. They

are conditioned, non in schools, but instead in State Conditioning Centres.

Here, daze therapy and hypnopaedia provide the educational procedure for a

whole coevals. In Chapter 2, for illustration, babes receive daze therapy

everytime they try to touch a book and/or flowers. They ll turn up with what

psychologists used to name natural hate of books and flowers. Reflexs

unchangeably conditioned. They will be safe from books and botany all their lives.

( 22 ) . The usage of hypnopaedia, learning during slumber, strengthens the

conditioning procedure, and underscores the insidious nature of the province s

educational system. Huxley relays the effectivity of the method by holding

his characters repeatedly quote & # 8220 ; hypnopaedic phrases, & # 8221 ; After all, every one

plants for everyone else. We can t make without any 1. Even Epsilons & # 8230 ; ( 91 ) .

Similar to subliminal messages used by psychologists, advertizements, and

telecasting in today s universe, hypnopaedia was designed as a method of mass

indoctrination including playing a tape to a group over and over, alternatively of

individualized acquisition. Utopia s kids are merely taught the measure and quality

of information needed to carry through their designated function in their society.

After the terminal of the Second World War, Huxley added a preface to

Brave New World, including drastic alterations that had occurred in the universe,

since the book s publication. Today it seems rather possible that the horror may

be upon us within a individual century. ( 268 ) . Is it possible that our society is

heading towards this way? Will it go Huxley s Utopia? Will our universe

finally have to trust on controlled reproduction and rigorous artificial

insemination processes to forestall overpopulation? Will businesss be

predecided based on our preprescribed and unnaturally induced capablenesss?

Will the construct of household go a black reminder of another unenlightened

clip in human history? Although the word Utopia has become synonymous with

what an model province should be, Huxley s Utopia is non a universe we should

strive to double, but instead, larn from to rectify our errors in the hereafter.


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