Breadwinner Summary

6 June 2017

The characters In the Breadwinner show that when life changes to be harder. people have to change themselves to be stronger, Two important examples are Parvana and Shauna. They cut off their hair, wear boys’ clothes and go to the market place to earn money for ther famllles’ living. Parvana’s Job Is to read, write and sell things while Shauna works as a tea boy. At first, Parvana does not want to do her father’s work but then she she agrees and says, “All right, I’ll do It” (66).

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Even though they are still school aged, they have to struggle with a tough lite to gain every single coin. Also, the readers can not deny the effort in balding up a small secret school. Mrs. Weera knows the Taliban’s rule that girls can not go to school as well as that females must stay at home. Therefore, Mrs. Weera makes her own plan to build the school underground. She says, “A secret school, for a small number of girls, a few hours d week” (100). After making the plan, they do It, “Through mother’s and Mrs. Weera’s women’s group, a little secret school was started” (132).

All of the ontinuous actions of Parvana, Shauzia, Mrs Weera and Pavana’s mother demonstrate that people must be much wiser to figure out d good plan to pass over the hindrance. In addition, the settings also adds to making the story express the Idea that when life changes to be more difficult, people have to build themselves up. One day, Parvana’s older sister, Noorla, announces that she Is going to Mazar-e-sharlf to get married toa boy that she has never met. In Kabul, Noona knows that. “There is no future for me here.

At least in Mazar I can go to school, walk the streets without having to wear a urqa, get a Job when Ive completed the school” (136). she Is going there because, In that area, there is no war going on and she wants to continue to go to school and then to college. The new Nooria stops sobbing and stops remembering the beautiful past recollections. she accepts the present situation that she has to do something to escape Kabul- a stupid place Although she is still young, she is able to make a reckless decision. Because life In Kabul is poor and pathetic, she completely wants to turn her lite toa new chapter.

Besides Nooria, Parvana’s tather presents great atriotism towards his home country of Afghanistarn Both of Parvana’s parents are educated people and they earn high salaries. They used to have a big house with Afghanistan, the father chooses to stay in his hometown instead of going to a new setting in a foreign country, “Parvana remembered arguments between her father and mother- her mother insisting they leave Afghanistan, her father insisting they stay’ (128). If they had gone to foreign countries, they would have lived happily, as the father could teach history and the mother could be a Journalist.

Like Parvana’s father elieves that Afghanistan needs improvements, “If someone comes into our home or our country and acts like our enemy, then we will defend our home” (28). He also emphasises that, “We are Afghans. This is our home. If all educated people leave, who will rebuild the country? ” (45). The lives of the characters show how people can improve to conquer their difficulties. In the similar way, the conflict is a significant factor to state do not lose energy and belief, keep doing harder eventhough obstacles come countinuously.

In three prominent instances, the conflict is people versus selves. The first example is when Parvana and Shauzia are recommended to dig up the bones under graves. At first, Parvana objects to do this kind of Job, she says, “l am not sure this is a good idea” (104), because she is so frightened and obsessed about the bad work. But, soon, she makes up her mind to dig up the bones she says, “Shauzia and I want to buy trays, and things to sell from trays. I can follow the crowd that way, instead of waiting for the crowd to come to me. I can make more money’ (116).

Parvana’s money from reading and writing is Just enough for nan, rice and tea, but there’s nothing extra and her family needs money or rent, for propane, for fuel for the lamps. That’s why she is greedy to make much more money so that she is able to improve herself. Initially, Parvana is so lazy. She does not want to do housework (tidying and cleaning the house,… ) so her main mission is to fetch the water buckets. She is tired of fetching the water. She complains and grumbled all the way down the steps and down the block to the neighborhood tap.

The trip home, with a full bucket, was worse, especially the three flights of stairs” (20). If originally Parvana is indolent, Parvana’s present is more mature. She is growing up. She knows how to get even more money to support her familys living. Second example of the conflict that supports the theme is after Nooria, Fantana, Maryam and Ali arrive in Mazar, Parvana meets Homa and takes her to Parvana’s tiny home. Parvana and Mrs Weera listen to Homa’s brutal story. Homa tells them that the Taliban came to Mazar! They went from house to house, looking for enemies.

They came to my house. They came right inside! They grabbed my father and my brother and took them outside. They shot them right in the street. My mother started hitting them, and they shot her, too. I ran back inside and hid in my closet. I was there for a long, long time. I thought they would kill me, too, but they were finished killing people at my house. They were busy killing at other houses” (151). Mazar is ruled by the Taliban. Parvana’s mother, sister, brother have just arrived there so Parvana is worried about them from the moment hearing the story.

Parvana wanders about like a lost soul. She reacts, “Parvana couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. All she could do was picture her mother, sisters and brother, dead in the street of strange city’ (152). At that time, Parvana is hopeless and all she can do is lie down on her home’s toshak for two days. After two days, Parvana thinks, “She’d known all along that she would have to get up. She wasn’t really about to stay on that toshak, and realises it will be better to earn money and survive until her family reunites.

She moves her buttocks away from the toshak and works her usual Jobs. She does her work in the market place, listens to Mrs Weera and gets to know Homa. The readers can see that Parvana is getting stronger day by day. She acts in accordance to what Mrs. Weera says that, “This is what women in our family do when theyre sad. They don’t stay there forever. They get up again , and they fght back” (153). The third example of the conflict is after Mrs Weera listens to Homa’s story. She states hopefully, “There is no evidence your family is hurt, Parvana.

Your mother is a smart, strong woman, and so is Nooria. We must believe they are alive. We must not give up hope! ” (152). The first reason for Parvana’s family hope is that the father comes back, and Parvana’s family still countinues to hope. Parvana, her father and Mrs. Weera hope is also that the rest of family is safe and healthy in Mazar. But this time they are more confindent with their hope. Parvana says with complete confidence, “We’ll find them. We’ll find them and bring them home” (160). Parvana and her close friend, Shauzia, also hope when they say goodbye.

Shauzia says, “we’ll meet again on the first day of spring, twenty years from now’ (165). At the end of the story, everything is still a question but it is getting better for Parvana. She is more experienced, relax and ready. Parvana now has no more worries, no more sobbing, and no more laziness. Parvana shows, “whatever it was, she felt ready for it. She even found herself looking forward to it” (166). Once more, these changes in attitude completely prove the point of view keep being stronger, follow step by step f the plan and then people will achieve your goal.

The Breadwinner’s author advises the readers that when life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger. Obviously, we can see that message through the characters, the settings and the conflicts. Life is never easy. Today, people are suffering but tomorrow people may be happy and mature as long as they do not give up. If people do not experience bad times, they will never feel happy with the good times. Members in the family have to lean on one another as well as support each other, because people always says, “together we stand, divided we fall”.

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