Breakbeat Science Exercise Four

As an avid fan of Breakbeat Science, Imade it a point to buy “Exercise Four” as soon as it wasreleased. The CD was produced and mixed for one of the cofounders of thealbum’s record label. DJ DB traveled to New York from London andin 1996 created America’s first drum and bass record store. DJ DBcalled on the talents of Pieter K, DJ Dara, Stakka and many otherelectronic artists from around the world to make this album possible. Iparticularly enjoy the fact that the CD is priced well and includes 15high-quality tracks. I think this CD is a great bargain becausesome of the tracks were produced exclusively for use in European clubs.It’s a bonus to have a dose of culture from a different continenton top of getting to hear some great music. Contrary to howalbums ought to be produced, the most significant tracks here are at theend. My favorite by far is “2B” by DJ DB and Stakka. It hasa fast tempo and female vocals that add a nice touch to the synth soundsand break beats. The cuts on all tracks are extraordinarily clean andwell recorded. Going through each track I had difficulty findingany defects. The album is composed beautifully and deserves nothing butpraise. At about eight dollars, the CD is a good buy and I recommend it.I can’t wait to see what these musicians will turn outnext time.

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