Brian Piccolo A Short Story Essay Research

7 July 2017

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Brian Piccolo A Short Story Essay Research
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Brian Piccolo A Short Story Essay, Research Paper


The book, & # 8220 ; Brian Piccolo: A Short Season & # 8221 ; by Jeannie Morris, truly depicts how one & # 8217 ; s true dream can go shattered by the monstrous disease that has come to be known as Cancer. One might believe that this book is a deadening, no-point book, but rather to the contrary. More books like this one demand to be out on the shelves today to truly exemplify to those healthy people out there that life is non ever merely a bowl of cherries. There are people out at that place enduring and malignant neoplastic disease has ruined, if non taken, there lives.

Brian Piccolo was a running back for the Chicago Bears in the late 60 & # 8217 ; s. One dark, during a game, & # 8220 ; Pic & # 8221 ; , as his refrends referred to him, had made two touchdowns on his ain. After his last touchdown, nevertheless ; Pic began to experience light headed and naseaus. Once to the touchdown zone, Brian fell to his articulatio genuss in torment and collapsed. The cause for this was due to a big tumour in his organic structure that turned out to be mallignent. Once the physicians tried to travel on and take the tumour, they were shocked to see that it was the size of a Citrus paradisi. His married woman, Joy Piccolo, stood at his side the full operation and everynight at that place after. Brian and Joy were what most people would name the & # 8220 ; ideal & # 8221 ; twosome. Brian was the All-American hardworking jock, while Joy was the loving supportive married woman that stood by his side no affair what his successes or failures might convey.

Brian lived through the operation, but so the Piccolo’s got another piece of put offing piece of intelligence. What was this piece of intelligence, you might be inquiring yourself. The reply is in the book, “Brian Piccolo: A Short Season” by Jeannie Morris. This book traces the life and decease of a ace hwo had a dream. A dream to do his loving fans happy and to go a large name in the National Football League. With his friends and household, Brian will populate on.

The writer of this book, Jeannie Morris, was a close friend of the Piccolos. Once the full quandary that the Piccolo & # 8217 ; s were in was all said and done, Joy asked Jeannie if she would complete the book that Brian started. And the remainder is history. Jeannie completed the book and began a fund that helped in the research of malignant neoplastic disease and in the research to happening the remedy for the deathly disease that comes in so many signifiers.

In shutting, one of Pic & # 8217 ; s best friends, Gale & # 8220 ; Magic & # 8221 ; Sayers, went to an awards ceremonial for the George S. Halas award, an award given to jocks who show above mean character, public presentation, stature, and is viewed in the public oculus as a hero. This award was given to Sayers and was quoted as stating this:

& # 8220 ; I accept the George S. Halas award for Brian Piccolo, a beloved friend of mine. It is mine today, it is his tomorrow & # 8230 ; I love Brian Piccolo and I & # 8217 ; d like you to love him, excessively. Tonight, when you hit your articulatio genuss, delight inquire God to love him, excessively & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ;

-Gale Sayers, 1970

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