Bridget Jones

11 November 2016

Will Freeman and Bridget Jones Will Freeman is a 36-year-old man. He is shallow, wealthy and irresponsible playboy, who has no surviving family and lives alone in a roomy, elegant London apartment. He’s never had a job in his life. He’s had lots of girlfriends, but he always dumps them within a few weeks. One day he realizes that his friends are all involved with the responsibilities of married life and that leaves him alone in the cold. Will is a bored swinger who dumps woman after woman, and after his late test break-up with a girl named Angie who was a single mom.

He develops a theory about dating single mothers: “Passionate sex. A lot of ego massage. Temporary parenthood without tears and guilt-free-parting. Will Freeman don’t like kids or married people. there is an example on page 8, “These two were beginning to make him feel physically ill.

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It was bad enough that they had children in the first place; why did they wish to compound the original error by encouraging their friends to do the same? ” or another one also on page 8, ” I would rather eat one of Barney’s dirty nappies, he thought”

About Will is a shallow, party boy and playboy there is an example on page 9, ” Jessica and Will split up when Jessica wanted to exchange the froth and frivolity for something more solid; Will had missed her, temporarily, but he would have missed the clubbing more. And there is one more about Will is shallow where he said him self, ” Ah, but you see I haven’t. I really am this shallow” Will Freeman changing he’s view, how to live he’s life after he had dated Angie for six weeks.

He is beginning to see a different side of him and there is an example on page 22, “He was just beginning to wonder whether Angie was exactly whet he was looking for when she decided to finish it. And last on page 24, “His career as a serial nice guy had begun” I think the reason why Will is changing he’s view is because when he dated Angie he tried to be the underdog in a relationship, for an example on page 22, “And she could never stay over at his place, so he lways had to go round there, and she didn’t have many CD’s, and there was no VCR or satellite or cable, so on a Saturday night they always ended up watching Casualty and a crap made-for-TV movie about some kid with a disease” and that gives him impression not always to get his will and I think he got surprised that it is not as bad as he thought. Bridget Jones is a normal name so that don’t tell us anything about her.

There is a lot of woman wha are single and looking for the perfect man. She’s clubbing life is also regular. Will Freeman. Will are a regular first name but Freeman indicate that he is a free man and don’t want any serious relationship. He have a different view on a relationship than the other single guys I the world. He also have a strange kind of view, how you are cool.

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