Bridgewater State College Guidelines Not An Essay

9 September 2017

Bridgewater State College Guidelines, Not An Essay. Essay, Research Paper

Bridgewater State College Help Exit

Your online application has been marked complete. It will be reviewed by the Admissions Office when we receive your non-refundable application fee of $ 20.00 for all appliers. After finishing the information requested below, delight print this page ( s ) , mark and day of the month it, and direct it with a cheque or money order to the undermentioned reference:

Office of Admissions

Bridgewater State College

Bridgewater, MA 02325

U. S. A.

Particular PROGRAMS: ( Please look into if applicable ) ______ PROGRESS ( provides single support services to pupils from racial minorities and/or disadvantaged backgrounds ) ______ Outreach ( a plan for older pupils ) ______ New England Regional Program ______ Senior Citizen ( 65 and older )

OTHER Needed Documents: ? Official High School Transcript? Official Transcripts from any College Attended? Official SAT I or ACT trial tonss? Essay

Optional Material: ? Letterss of Recommendation? Resume of Extracurricular Activities

Essay: This subdivision represents an chance for you to supply extra information that will let us to go acquainted with you in ways different from the nonsubjective informations collected in your application file. Attach extra pages as necessary to react to one of the following recommended subjects: ? Discourse your academic involvement and calling ends and depict your position of how Bridgewater State

College can ease your success. ? Describe an accomplishment or award, a important experience, or a hard challenge you feel has been an of import presentation of personal accomplishment. ? Identify person who looks up to you and explicate why.

AUTHORIZATIONI understand that information about appliers that is furnished to Bridgewater State College will be kept confidential and will merely be released to public higher instruction system forces authorized by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education to have the information, or to educational bureaus and establishments for research survey intents. I hereby attest that the information furnished on this application signifier is complete and accurate. Academic deceit could ensue in forfeiture of monies, transportation recognition, or offer of admission.508747621


Name ( delight print/type )

_____________________________________ _______________

Signature Date

The undermentioned application has been submitted as complete:

Term College Degree Major


Thank you for subjecting this online application. As you continue to research the information about Bridgewater State College on our web site, wear & # 8217 ; t hesitate to reach the Office of Admissions if we can supply extra aid. I look frontward to reexamining your application and widen my best wants for your success.


Steve King

Director of Admissions

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