Brief Candle by One-Eyed Doll

7 July 2019

One-Eyed Doll is a band from Austin, Texas.They can only be described as ‘one of a kind’.First off, they have their own style.Most people try to categorize them into rock, metal, punk, goth etc.But they are none of these.They took all of these styles, put them in a blender, added some sparkles, blended it up, and made their style.The amazing part is that it’s only two people.Kimberly Freeman, the lead guitarist and singer, and Junior, the drummer and producer.Kimberly just wants to sing songs that have meanings in them. Their song “Brief Candle” is great.It talks about how nothing lasts forever.The first part of the chorus.They song starts with angelic choir vocals by Kimberly, then turns into fast-paced synthesizer that would remind any parent of the 80s.The synthesizer fades as the rock takes over.The chorus is what really speaks to me.It goes “Brief candle, fade away.I will die another day.Goblins in my passageway, cannot keep this life at bay.”To me, this speaks up to live your life, while the other lyrics are about how nothing lasts forever.A truly great song.

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