Brigadoon Essay Research Paper I recently attended

9 September 2017

Brigadoon Essay, Research Paper

I late attended the drama, Brigadoon by Loewe and Lerner, at my local college theatre. Through all of the dramas mystical events and vocals, I noticed some really of import inside informations. I chose to compare the thoughts in the drama to some specific thoughts held by a group of people in Italy. The mounted their thoughts together to organize a period in our history called the Renaissance. This was the first thing that came to my head when I was believing about my comparing. A drama acts as its ain clip period as it resembles a mere image of existent life. A drama could associate to about any individual, topographic point, or thing.

The first comparing I would wish to speak about trades with subjects. The Renaissance period is frequently referred to as the, & # 8220 ; metempsychosis & # 8221 ; , period. Peoples in Italy changed the manner of life by making an organized and free manner of life. I believe that Brigadoons chief subject trades with the metempsychosis of Tommy Albright & # 8217 ; s life. Tommy Albright is one of the chief stars in the drama Brigadoon. He is from New York and is on a trip with one of his best friends. He is besides engaged at the really beginning of the drama but he is in no haste to settle down. Tommy and his friend run into this concealed town called Brigadoon in the center of Scotland. It is here were Tommy falls in love with a miss named Fiona. However, the Torahs of Brigadoon forbid Fiona to go forth with Tommy and travel back to New York. Tension arises and Tommy leaves his loved one in Brigadoon. Once Tommy is back in New York he realizes his error and finds his metempsychosis. He realizes what he wants and who he wants to go. Tommy goes back to Brigadoon and corsets with Fiona, go forthing everything else behind.

The comparing seems so close yet far off. In clip everything goes through a small alteration or metempsychosis. But the Renaissance and Tommy & # 8217 ; s metempsychosis was different. These alterations delt with destiny, fate, and prosperity. The Renaissance period has shaped our civilization today. I might non even be composing this paper if it was non for that period were they encourage free authorship and thought. The period was portion of the universe & # 8217 ; s destiny to go a better topographic point to populate. Peoples from Italy influenced each other to promote plants of art and free thought. And in clip they prospered to assist determine our civilization. However, the influences that help do a metempsychosis can merely help so much. During the Renaissance cipher expected what the hereafter would convey. Brigadoon isolated Tommy to assist him understand his love for Fiona. However, his metempsychosis is non guaranteed to last. Many obstructions stand in his way to hold the perfect relationship with Fiona.

When comparing the domestic life of Brigadoon people and Renaissance people, confusion hindered my ideas. I picture the Renaissance domestic life much like that of Brigadoons. Lots of people dancing, happy, old manner, and near to one another. Brigadoon was an stray town in which traditions would last everlastingly. During the Renaissance Italian people fought to convey order and alteration society. I realize their society was non similar Brigadoons. The people in Italy were u

nhappy contending to hold rationalism. However, as clip went on the Renaissance could compare to the happy town of Brigadoon. Italy shortly began to boom as people looked up to their manner of life. They had caused a metempsychosis in the manner of life and were now being rewarded. Festivals occurred all the clip and I picture the people being happy, merely like the people of Brigadoon.

The manner differences between Brigadoon and the Renaissance period are illustrated. The people of Brigadoon seem to free twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, non truly caring how they appear. A simple frock or shirt would make merely ticket on an mean twenty-four hours. During the Renaissance the people of Italy were more perfect and beautiful than any other state in Europe. The fabrics and homes were designed in one of the greatest art periods of all clip. Great creative persons influenced the people during the Renaissance. Paintings, edifices, sculptures, and plants of art were everyplace. In Venice there were regulations which prohibited certain types of frock. Brigadoon was a more set back manner of dressing. When comparing the two types of manner our civilization today comes to my head. When you walk down the street you see both types of manners. Other people influence you on what to have on and what is cool. That is why I understand Brigadoons old manner manner. They are stray people who seldom get visitants in their town. They have nil to compare or portion with. The people in Italy influenced each other to look every bit best as they could and endeavor for flawlessness. In bend they helped give our civilization a new manner to look at manner.

During the early old ages of the Renaissance the bubonic pestilence hit Europe. The pestilence was frequently called & # 8220 ; black decease & # 8221 ; and devastated metropolis life. I saw one adult male during the drama who was haunted by a pestilence besides. Archie Beaton & # 8217 ; s boy, Harry, who is love with Jean Maclaren, was haunted by the pestilence called Charlie Dalrymple. Harry is profoundly in love but Jean is about to get married Charlie. Harry is invariably bothered and upset because of Charlie. Charlie acts as a painful pestilence that does non look to travel off. When the bubonic pestilence hit Europe many people tried to fly the metropoliss into the countryside. However, merely the rich people could afford to travel. Many people died because they did non hold the money to fly. Harry tried to run from his pestilence besides. The Torahs of Brigadoon forbid Harry to go forth the town but he does non care about them any more. When seeking to go forth Harry is killed and his pestilence ends. The town suffers from his loss merely as the Renaissance period was hurt.

The Renaissance may hold been a clip period, nevertheless, it still can associate to the drama Brigadoon. Any drama can act upon people and has to hold influences, merely like certain periods of our yesteryear. One of the chief grounds I chose the Renaissance it because it reminded of Europe, as did the drama. Whenever I think of Europe I think of pureness, humanistic disciplines, and beautiful landscapes. When I foremost seen the drama I knew it was supposed to take topographic point in Europe. So I merely compared it to the one thing in Europe that is a great historical period, the Renaissance.

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