Brighton Beach

9 September 2017

Many immigrants from the former USSR are great nationalists of the United States, and these people unfeignedly love their new fatherland. But their feeling of America is of a small unusual sort ; it is like a love of a parasite worm to the organic structure of its host.

The manner of life in the alleged Russian District in Brooklyn is really interesting. I have seen different states and ne’er saw anything like this. If you think that such thing as civilization of poorness does non be, I would strongly urge detecting life in Brighton Beach.

What make these people like in the US the most? Freedom? Democracy? Possibly nature? No! The right reply is welfare, and all agencies to acquire it are good. By the manner, it is non hard at all. The easiest manner is to turn out that you have a serious unwellness. & # 8220 ; How can I perchance do it if I am absolutely healthy? & # 8221 ; some na & # 239 ; ve individual might inquire. Well, foremost of all, many fledglings know the references of necessary physicians even before go forthing their native state. In fact, there is a absolutely organized industry in Russia that is directing people abroad. If you did non happen it out in Russia, it is non a large trade because you ever can acquire all necessary information through your friends in Brooklyn, or merely from a Russian newspaper. ( I & # 8217 ; m traveling to depict such documents subsequently, it is interesting. )

The people having public assistance are non lazy at all, and most of them have at least one occupation ; of class, they work for hard currency. It merely would non be wise to pay rent for your flat by yourself if a sort authorities is happy to make it for you. I know a adult female in Brooklyn, named Ludmila, who is having public assistance as a handicapped individual, and the authorities pays for her flat. Every forenoon, this hapless, ill adult female rides her motorcycle from Brighton Beach to Bay Ridge where she works as a housekeeper. Besides, she rents one room of her flat to two illegal misss. Each of them pays Ludmila 15 dollars per dark.

Oleg and Diana, a immature twosome, have late gotten a divorce and each of them is having welf

are and Medicaid now. I do non cognize how they managed to make it, because both of them are paid high wages. Diana, by the manner, ne’er does shopping in such supermarkets as K-Mart or Wall-Mart ; it is below her self-respect.

Some public assistance receivers are illegible for free personal attention aid, and here it is a good chance for a reciprocally good concern. A & # 8220 ; ill & # 8221 ; individual keeps half of his adjutant & # 8217 ; s rewards, and a PCA ( personal attention adjutant ) has a medical insurance from the bureau he or she works for. Usually, a health professional ne’er shows up at his patient & # 8217 ; s flat and works someplace for more hard currency.

The newspapers in the Russian linguistic communication are astonishing things. What do you believe the undermentioned proclamation could intend? & # 8220 ; I have a perfect recognition history, and I & # 8217 ; m go forthing the state in two hebdomads. Who needs my service delight call # & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; . It means that, before go forthing the States, this cat wants to purchase some goods, such as computing machines, on his recognition card and so sell them for half monetary value. Let the bank attempt to happen him someplace in the Moscow part or in the fields of the Ukraine. At the really same paper, for illustration, you will larn where to acquire American paperss and a societal security card. Of class, the papers will be false. To acquire a existent one you & # 8217 ; ll have to travel to Chicago. In Chicago, by the manner, they can stomp visas in passports of people who crossed the line illicitly. Last twelvemonth, the pocket of paperss would be you about five thousand dollars, depending on your peculiar state of affairs. Amazingly plenty, those documents are valid, so you could acquire a driver & # 8217 ; s licence or open a bank history without any jobs. I know a individual on Long- Island who opened his ain concern with such paperss. I don & # 8217 ; t understand what the constabulary are believing about. It is likely excessively much work to go forth the office and acquire a newspaper at any store in Brighton Beach.

Of class, non every one in the Russian territory leads such life. Some people work hard, open their ain concerns and do immense money ; they use perfectly different ways to gull the jurisprudence.

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