Bring Imagination to Life

1 January 2019

Everyone lives in more than one world: One is reality and the other one is the mind. In my case, my imagination is greater than reality. This might make me sound like a dreamer, but I am a doer as well as a dreamer. I bring the things I imagine to life. In fact, nothing prevents me from expressing my ideas, no matter how unrealistic or absurd they are. I feel in this way I can contribute to the people around me, as well as the world. So how do I bring my ideas alive even if they are unlikely in the real world? I convert my ideas into lines on paper and words in computer. In other words, I draw pictures and write stories.

I started drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, because it was the first way I found that could help me convey my ideas. As a child with overflowing imagination, I scribbled all over the walls of my grandparents’ house. The whole house was covered with my proud creations. Whenever guests came to visit they would marvel at the ruined wallpapers, but my grandparents never thought my childish scribbles were ruining the walls. “It’s her mind. There’s nothing more aesthetic than looking at a child’s rich imagination,” they said. As long as I wanted to draw, they would let me. Because of this unlimited freedom, I became better and better as an artist. Everyone in the class even recognized me as the best.

It went on like that for years, until one day I felt the time-consuming art hindering my racing thoughts. Drawing alone was not enough to express what I wanted to show the world anymore. It was then I learned the ways of words. When other kids were running around the playground, I would be running around in my imagination. I started to compose worlds of my own through letters on a page. Then I would illustrate parts of those worlds with my pencil. Quickly jotting down ideas first and portraying the details later, writing and drawing were a perfect combination for me. I was happy that I could pursue what I wanted while bringing fascination to my friends and family.

However, every journey comes with an obstacle. Mine came when I moved to America from China when I was in fifth grade. I was very unhappy indeed. It was such a sudden change in environment. It turned me deaf and mute. It blocked one of my ways to express my ideas. The first day I went to my fifth grade classroom, my teacher kept asking me if I wanted any snack, but I could not understand her no matter what she did. In the end, she had to call home and have my mom translate everything for me. I could not have the simplest conversation, much less write anything decent in English. How was I going to communicate with other people? How was I going to continue my passion for writing?

I did not stop there.

During the summer of my sophomore year I successfully finished writing my first book. I have written countless other stories and short novels in an effort to try to learn English, but this is my first big accomplishment. Initially I saw English as my enemy, but it eventually became my friend. Through writing practice and vocabulary memorization I was able to overcome the language issue, and show the world my imagination again. What was more, coming to America makes me learn more than just English. It showed me a variety of ideas from diverse people, and motivated me to create more art and writing. I believe, just like moving to America, entering Rutgers will enrich my imagination and open up whole new perspectives. I am ready to embrace this inspirational environment.

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