Bring You Back by Brett Eldredge

10 October 2019

Brett Eldredge has a voice that is undeniably unique in today’s music world. Having moved to Nashville to pursue his career as a songwriter, he penned tracks for the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Gary Allan, and Trace Adkins. He obviously has a lot to offer, and his label knew it, waiting three years for the up-and-comer to release his full-length debut.

“Bring You Back” is not your run-of-the-mill debut record. Eldredge had a hand in penning 11 of its 12 tracks with some of Nashville’s most respected songwriters, and its production is far beyond what you would expect for a new artist. The album’s second single, “Don’t Ya,” has been burning up the charts since October.

The album has a bit of everything for everybody. Kicking it off is “Tell Me Where to Park.” The country-rock-themed track leads the way for the rest of
the material. You’ll find mid-tempos, ballads, and uplifting songs all in just over 40 minutes of music.

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It’s quite rare to find a new artist, especially in the country music genre, who is as confident as Eldredge. The album doesn’t feel rushed; it is well paced, and on tracks like the stellar ballad “One Mississippi,” his patience is very much appreciated.

For me, and hopefully many other country music fans, “Bring You Back” is one for the history books. There are many styles on this album, but everything is placed subtly within the seams of each track. I feel it is just the beginning to a whirlwind of success.

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