Brit And Patriot Soldiers Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Brit And Patriot Soldiers Essay, Research Paper

Red Dawn at Lexington is a book that tries to show different points of position of the Revolutionary War. Even though it is non-fiction, the book reads like a novel and that is how Birnbaum intended it to be.

Red Dawn & # 8230 ; . Begins by depicting a British soldier & # 8217 ; s journey with his household by ship to Boston, in the American settlement of Massachusetts. It goes on to depict the adversities the British soldiers endured during their stay in Boston. This was because many of the settlers were no longer protagonists of Britain being in control of the settlements. They didn & # 8217 ; t like that the British soldiers were at that place to maintain an oculus on them, and they made this really obvious.

The book negotiations about the mounting tensenesss between the Whigs and the soldiers, and how some members of the British parliament were seeking to assist the settlements. Birnbaum goes on to depict how General Gage chose to assail the towns of Lexington and Concord. Bet on sent out undercover agents to look into out different countries around Boston. These undercover agents were to study the towns or small towns and do up maps. Although there was normally problem refering the expeditions of the undercover agents, ( townspeople often spotted them come ining the places of stalwarts, etc.. ) many of the undercover agents & # 8217 ; missions were successful.

There is besides a chapter refering the provinces of the British and colonial ground forcess in Concord fixing for the battle at that place. This chapter describes the events taking up to Paul Revere & # 8217 ; s celebrated drive, and William Dawe & # 8217 ; s function in the drive. The book besides gives new grounds and testimonies as to who fired & # 8220 ; the shooting heard & # 8217 ; round the world. & # 8221 ; The extracts of testimonies given by many informants lead to the decision that it was the militia-men who fired the first shooting, but that is still being debated over to this twenty-four hours.

Even though the colonial ground forces suffered more losingss at the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the unwounded work forces rapidly regrouped. More and more reservess began directing military personnels to back up the colonial ground forces. The book so goes on to depict other little battles between the Brits and the settlers, the disorganised province of the Minutemans, ( foul life conditions, disease, upset, etc.. ) , anti-British public violences in New York, and the reaching of British General Burgoyne.

Soon after Gen. Burgoyne arrived, the Battle of Bunker Hill took topographic point. During the first three proceedingss of the Battle of Bunker Hill, about every British officer and sergeant was either killed or wounded. The colonial ground forces had come up with thoughts that helped them to lade and recharge their rifles faster. That dark, many British soldiers were massacred by the settlers ; although the British did do a rejoinder, and subsequently took possesion of both Bunker and Breed & # 8217 ; s Hills.

The following chapters go on to depict how General George Washington, the headstrong, aggresive and determined Virginian, was chosen to go the commander-in-chief of the colonial ground forces. Soon, Washington had come up with a program to drive the British out of Boston.

The married womans and kids of the British soldiers, every bit good as many stalwarts evacuated Boston as the twenty-four hours of the & # 8220 ; conflict & # 8221 ; crept up. As the yearss went by, more and more British soldiers were evacuating Boston. Washington & # 8217 ; s work forces made a move and came to busy Boston. Washington had forced Britain, who were considered to be the universe & # 8217 ; s best ground forces, to sail off in licking. 109 yearss after the British emptying, Co

ngress adopted a Declaration of Independence. ( July 4, 1776. )

This is where the book stops. It gave a really elaborate and interesting history of the & # 8220 ; narrative & # 8221 ; and besides provided many quotation marks, maps, pictures, etc that contributed to the information relayed. I really much enjoyed the book Red Dawn at Lexington by Louis Birnbaum.


I believe Louis Birnbaum & # 8217 ; s frame of mention in composing this book was to state a elaborate but interesting narrative of the Revolutionary War. He turned a potentially deadening book into a really fun book by adding pictures of creative person & # 8217 ; s readings of Lexington and Concord, The Battle of Bunker Hill, etc. He besides included diary and journal entries and letters from soldiers, generals, married womans, informants, etc. It is besides apparent that Birnbaum wanted to give the reader an thought of what was traveling on for both ground forcess. He stayed on the out of boundss, fundamentally, non demoing more or less commiseration, etc, for either the British of the settlers. I like that he did that, because I was so used to hearing merely the settler & # 8217 ; s side of the narrative. These are the things I think Birnbaum intended to make, and I think he did a really good occupation of them.


From reading Red Dawn.. I no longer hold a nonreversible history of the Revolutionary War in my caput. For such a long clip, in school and other topographic points, all I & # 8217 ; ve heard have been the unfairnesss of the British to the settlers, and how they were such scoudrels, how all we were seeking to make was derive our independency from oppressive England. That has truly been drilled into my caput since likely the 2nd class. It was really reviewing to read a book that gave a elaborate history of all the atrocious things the Sons of Liberty did. The British, in most instances, truly wern & # 8217 ; t every bit bad as most people made them out to be. It about made me lose regard for the settlers, but so I thought about it, and where would I be now if it wern & # 8217 ; T for them? I merely enjoyed how Birnbaum put the whole narrative together, traveling back and Forth between the settlers and the British, depicting their actions and logical thinkings. I & # 8217 ; m happy that I was able to read this book.


I think this book is great. It gave me a new mentality on the Revolutionary War. I & # 8217 ; m happy that it was so descriptive and gave so much information. Alternatively of merely reading about what was traveling on from the position of the settlers, I could read about what the different generals and soldiers from the British ground forces were making. I know that many adolescents have the nonreversible position that I had before reading this book, and I think that if others read Red Dawn & # 8230 ; they would halt and believe. As I & # 8217 ; ve said before, even though its non-fiction ( which I normally can & # 8217 ; t stand ) this book seems like fiction. The reader really gets to cognize the different & # 8220 ; characters & # 8221 ; through the book. As for its worth as a historical mention: I can retrieve most of the whole book, whereas when I read things out of a text book, I forget it shortly after. I think it would be good to pupils that alternatively of larning from text books, which are normally really deadening, and merely province the facts, we should larn more from books like this. Personally, I learned a batch more from this book than I have from any text that I & # 8217 ; ve & # 8220 ; read & # 8221 ; in school. In decision, I thoroughly enjoyed Red Dawn at Lexington and I encourage others to read it.

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