British And Control Of New World Essay

9 September 2017

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The British new there was wealths to be had in the new universe. They weren? T happy with everyone acquiring a piece of the action. They wanted it all for themselves. In order to guarantee that no 1 else was acquiring rich they put many regulations and ordinances on how things were to be done in the settlements.

The British wanted to be in control of all trade that was traveling on though out the universe. They started with the Navigation Acts stating at first the ships and crewmembers needed to be either English or Colonial. They subsequently changed that to do it merely the English. They set regulations such as the Manufacturing Acts on wool and Hats they could non fabricate finish goods. All natural stuffs had to be shipped to England, and so back to the settlements in finished goods. In 1776 the British imposed the Currency Act, settlements were no longer allowed to hold paper money. All because British merchandisers didn? Ts like the thought.

As if that wasn? t enough the British were adding one revenue enhancement after another. The Sugar Act was designed to do certain the sugar went merely to England. Ships needed to transport prove of where the sugar came from. The Stamp Act truly pissed the settler off. It was the first internal revenue enhancement directed right at the settler. This revenue enhancement meant that any paperss of importance such as newspapers, playing cards, and legal paperss needed to hold a cast on them, of class this cost the settler money. The settler where really angry, the believed they had helped the British in the Gallic and Indian war, and this was unjust. They revolted in many ways, one being people where pitch and feathered. The Townshend Duties Act was another manner of acquiring more for their money out of the settler. Because they didn? T want to pay internal revenue enhancement, England figured they could acquire them on external revenue enhancement on things such as tea, paper, pigment, lead, and glass. The settler decided

it was clip to halt purchasing from Great Britain, and merely purchase goods made in the settlements. The Tea Act of 1773 was another manner to acquire money out of the settler. They took the responsibilities off the British ships transporting tea in order to acquire equal with the monetary value of the Dutch. Thinking the settler would purchase the tea and pay the Tounshend Duties. The settler disgusted with the manner the British where managing things, dressed as Indians and dumped 342 thorax of tea in the seaport.

The British where acquiring scared and new they needed military personnels to command the settler. They put together Acts of the Apostless in order to maintain them under control. The Intolerable Acts such as the Boston Port Act was a manner of acquiring back at the settler. England shut down the Boston port from all entrance and surpassing ships. The settlements stuck together and sent goods to the people of Boston. Massachusetts Act restricted the figure of meetings that could be held without the governor? s blessing. The Quartering Act said that military personnels could be anyplace, of all time in the places of settler. As if they didn? t think they had adequate control over the settler, they imposed the Declaratory Act. This acts meant parliament could set up any set of regulations on the settlements.

The settler could merely set up with so much dirt from Britain. They had to contend back, and they did. Because of the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and the Townshend Duties, came Non-Importation a gambit to set emphasis on Britain? s economic system. In 1772 the Committee of Correspondence was formed, this enabled the settlements to pass on up and down the seashore. In 1774 the first Continental Congress was created 56 delegates from 12 settlements all but Georgia.

I believe the settler had every right to experience and move the manner they did. Thingss may hold been different if they would non hold been so avaricious. I personally am glad things happened the manner they did. I love my free state.

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