British Rock Music

3 March 2018

Britton ropes brought British alternative rock into the mainstream and formed the backbone of a larger British cultural movement called Cool Britannic. Although its more popular bands were able to spread their commercial success overseas, especially to the United States, the movement largely fell apart by the end of the decade. Garage rock revival/Post-punk revival In the sass British Indies rock experienced a resurgence. Like modernAmerican alternative rock, many British Indies bands such as Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines and Bloc Party drew influences from post-punk groups such as Joy Division, Wire, and Gang of Four. Other prominent independent rock bands in the sass include: Editors, The Fraternal, Placebo, Electroplates, Razorbills, Kane, Kaiser Chiefs, Muse, Sabina, The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys[82] (the last being the most prominent act to gain their initial fan base through the use of internet social networking.

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