British Steel by Judas Priest

8 August 2019

The British Steel album by Judas Priest is fast, exciting, and focused on the idea of living why you can. Alibet, the band abandons the darker themes they had previously created through past albums, it keeps the interest sparked with the lyrics and the great sound. Its the music that creates the feel of being alive, and it gets the adrenaline pumping. The song Breaking the Law has created an amazing opening to the album. The fast paced song makes the band seem a little more on the edge. United and Living After Midnight are also some of the more extraordinary songs as they represent the more fun filled part of the album. Around the time this album was being made one of the band members was actually gay and getting ready to tell the world, only being different was not yet accepted. Not only was it their first song to be written by current members of the band, but it also featured their amazing drummer Dave Holland. The musicality and chemistry between the band members is evident through these songs as the lead singer Al Atkins and the guitarists compliment each other as the drums in the background match each other beautifully. Although the band members are not the original members of the band, Judas Priest manages to stay true to their rock and roll nature.

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