British Telecommunications (BT)

Analyzes the specific marketing, advertising, & promotion campaigns for the most important products of BT from 1996 through 1997. Assesses the impact of its bid for MCI & the consequences if that bid fails.

The present world of telecommunications is fast-moving, amorphous and unpredictable. British Telecommunications (BT) had recognized the importance of developing an aggressive, world-wide marketing strategy in such an environment when it contemplated a purchase of MCI.
BT bought a 20% stake in MCI in 1993. In November of 1996, BT attempted to consummate the relationship with a $24 billion bid for the 80% of MCI it did not own. This bid was reduced to $19 billion in July of 1997 when MCI revealed large losses in the U.S. local telephone market.
When the BT-MCI union was first proposed, it was suggested by many analysts that while BT might be a touch staid and slow-moving, MCI, as the maverick among phone companies, was just the..
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