British vs. American English

9 September 2017


Torsten Daerr

English is spoken in many states either as the female parent lingua or as a 2nd linguistic communication. That & # 8217 ; s why alternatively of & # 171 ; English & # 187 ; there are many & # 171 ; Englishes & # 187 ; & # 8212 ; fluctuations of the linguistic communication. In this article I & # 8217 ; ll focal point on the two largely normally used versions of English & # 8212 ; British and American English.

Before we take a expression at some of the differences between the two chief types of English I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds like to emphasize that these differences are somehwat minor and with the on-going internationalisation of our modern universe they could even said to be decreasing.

The few differences that exist between British and American English tend instead to enrich communicating than decelerate it down.

Although non all my British readers might hold, I think that the American version of spoken English is going more and more dominant for several grounds. Let me give you an illustration to demo you why American English has a stronger impact on British English than frailty versa.

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British vs. American English
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When you go to the UK and exchange on the Television you will see a batch of American shows, films and movies which, of class, are shown in the original, American version. Therefore, particularly immature people watching Television will larn a batch of American vocabulary and phrases which they easy internalise and utilize as their ain. It follows, modern British English is much more likely to be influenced by American English than the other manner unit of ammunition because when you live in the US and watch Television you seldom will see a British show or movie.

Another country where US English dominates is international concern. Most globally runing companies are based in the US and therefore the influence of American English nomenclature is really strong.

However, as with any issue, the more you think about it, the more fluctuations you will meet and it would be impossible to cover them al

cubic decimeter in one article.

That & # 8217 ; s why we & # 8217 ; ll travel on now to the differences between British and American English. Alternatively of giving you a comprehensive summation of all conceivable points I & # 8217 ; ll restrict myself to a little choice of my personal observations.


When it comes to different spellings there isn & # 8217 ; t truly that much to state because in the close hereafter the universe will more or less agree on one unvarying version.

British English has a inclination to maintain the spelling of many words of Gallic beginning whereas Americans try to spell more closely to the manner they pronounce words and they remove letters non needed, which makes sense to me. Here are some illustrations:

British English American English
Centre centre
theater Theater
realise Recognize
catalogue Catalog
programme Plan
travelled Traveled
neighbor neighbour
Grey grey
Big Dipper plough
to rehearse ( verb ) to pattern ( verb )
pattern ( noun ) pattern ( verb )
check cheque ( noun )

Again, these are in my sentiment illustrations for the most of import spelling differences between British and American English. Of class, there are more of them and the intent of this article is non to lucubrate on writing system but to raise your consciousness of the topic so you can do your ain observations and draw decisions.

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