Britney Spears Review Essay Research Paper Dear

9 September 2017

Britney Spears Review Essay, Research Paper

Dear Britney, Omigod, omigod,

omigod. Oh. My. God. Got your new album.

Love it! Seriously, it merely rawwwwwks, you

cognize? After your first one, I was like, no manner

she can exceed this. Ever, of all time, of all time. No manner.

Well, WAY! ? Oops. . . I Did It Again? is sooo

amazing. Where do I get down? I love how the album is

fundamentally the same round, the whole manner through. You could

Tae Bo to this thing and ne’er lose a clout. On most

albums, the beats are all assorted up? decelerate vocal, fast vocal,

mid-tempo vocal. It? s confounding! With? Oops? it? s like your

membranophone machine got stuck or something, but in a cool manner.

And the album sounds a batch like your first one, ? Baby One

More Time, ? so at that place? s nil slippery to larn.

And you look faboo

on the screen. You were so

right to drop that whole

Catholic-school slut thing

you had working on your

introduction. Don? T acquire me

incorrect, it was truly cool and sooo many childs wholly ripped

it off and everything. I bet you scandalized a batch of nuns.

You go, miss!

Spinning AND Dancing

But this new expression is first-class. Are those leopard-skin

bloomerss you? re have oning in the promo shooting? And how approximately

that slinky suede waistcoat with the brass buckles. Want one!

Even better is that latex ruddy jump suit from your new

picture, the one where you, like, spin through infinite and

dance about and coquette with an spaceman. I love how they

play it all the clip on MTV. It? s like, I WANT MY

BRITNEY Television!

Even your album rubric is cool. And gutsy. I mean, there

are traveling to be sooo many smarty-pants out at that place stating

material like, ? Yeah, she did it once more. She put out another stinky

album! ? Or people will name it? Britney? s Second Boo Boo, ?

or some other dense gag. Ignore them. You? re an creative person!

This album is wholly traveling to debut at No. 1 this hebdomad,

strike harding that? N Sync? s? No Strings Attached? right off its


And it? ll do that because of the music. Peoples forget

that about you. Oh, they say, she? s a ditz. She? s a

Mouseketeer. She lip-syncs in concert. She stole her moves

from Janet Jackson. Even her chests are bogus. ( As if! )


Well, wait boulder clay they get a burden of? Oops. ? The rubric path,

and first individual, is great. The chorus sounds precisely like

Abba making an aerobic exercise picture. Hey, they can? t Sue you,

& gt ;

right? I mean Abba is from like Sweden or something, so

they likely wear? t even have attorneies in this state. And

they? re old, those cats, so they likely won? t even hear

this vocal.

Even if they sue, large whup. Your? re manner better than

Abba. Your voice is all moaning and material, and the music

sounds like it came right out of a machine. ( Are at that place any

unrecorded instrumentalists on this album? Message me. ) Lyrics-wise,

some cat thinks you? re more than friends and you? rheniums like

NOT! ? It might look like a crush, but it doesn? t mean that

I? m serious, ? you sing. And you make it rime. You rhyme

? crush? and? serious. ? Not many vocalists can make that!

And you cover the

Rolling Rocks? ? ( I Can? t

Get No ) Satisfaction. ?

That took nervus. Friends

must hold been, like, ? Oh

Britney, possibly you should

remain off from one of the

greatest vocals in stone

history. Peoples will express joy at you. ? You? rheniums like, Whatever!

And your version is manner better than the Stones? because

you can dance to it, you know? And it doesn? Ts have that

raging guitar Riff that merely keeps repetition, over and over.

Alternatively, the round is sort of like Michael Jackson? s? Billie

Jean. ?

Thingss get even better with? Don? T Let Me Be the Last

to Know, ? which was co-written by Shania Twain. The

state queen of bare middle helps the adolescent queen of bare

middle? can you state? mastermind? ? And the vocal is wholly

different from everything else on the record, because & # 8230 ;

because & # 8230 ;


Omigod, there? s so much more. On? Lucky? you sing

about a suffering kid star who? s beloved by everyone,

but bawls her eyes out, inquiring? If there? s nil

losing in my life/ Then why do these cryings come at dark? ?

Is it about you? Who knows? The key is that people will


The whole album is so & # 8230 ; edgy. Because you? re 18

old ages old now, and singing lines like? I? m non that inexperienced person, ?

and have oning all those skin-tight bustiers and material. And so

you? re quoted in magazines stating how crappy it is that work forces

fantasy about you, how that kind of monsters you out and

everything. It? s perfect. You come on all half-naked and

hardly legal, and the following minute you? rheniums like, ? Perverts! ?

The virgin-hussy thing. It? s awesome and cipher does

it like you. Run with it. Don? T alteration it. And when you

record album figure three, merely do it once more.

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