Britney Spears

9 September 2019

In December I was lucky enough to attend a Britney Spears concert in Boston. My friends and I had great seats and knew that it would be an unforgettable eveningspent with our idol.

Opening act O-Town totally got the crowd pumped andthe fans cheering. They performed almost every song off their self-titled CDwhich came out last year. They also sang their new single, “We FitTogether.” But the highlight of their act was when they picked a girl fromthe crowd and serenaded her on stage with “All or Nothing.” I thoughtthey were wonderful singers and dancers. They were on stage for over an hour anda half, but the time went quickly because they kept the beats going. I would loveto see them on their own tour.

When Britney finally appeared, what anentrance it was. She came out hanging upside down on a pin-wheel-like machinewhile singing her smash “Oops … I did it Again.” She looked great,but, of course, was wearing very little.

The stage was set up like a huge”T” with an enormous circular platform in the middle. It allowed her torun literally from one end of the venue to the other, and that is exactly whatshe did. For over two hours, Britney performed. She did her old hits such as”You Drive Me Crazy,” “Lucky,” “Stronger,””Sometimes” and “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know.” Butmostly she did songs from her new album, “Britney.” “Boys,” acover of the ?s hit “I Love Rock and Roll” and “What it’s Liketo be Me” are just a few of the tracks from “Britney.”

Theaudience couldn’t get enough of the new material, especially since Britney wrotemost herself. During a sugar-sweet tune called “Anticipating,” Britneyand her dancers came out in a hot-pink convertible. Another entertaining song was”From the Bottom of My Broken Heart,” where Britney stood in a hugemusic box dressed as a ballerina. It was very cute.

My favorite numberwas “Overprotected,” in which a life-size computerized version ofBritney appeared next to the real Britney and they got into a major dancecompetition. The real Britney won, of course, but it was very cool to see twoBritneys grooving to music together!

“I’m a Slave 4 U,”Britney’s new single, was also a spectacle. She slithered across the groundwearing a skimpy snakeskin outfit, with parts of the stage snapping up into ajungle-like back drop. That, however, was not the end of the show. A surprisefinale was still to come.

After what seemed like forever, Britney appearedon stage again, coming out of a trap door. But this time, she flew up into theair and landed on a huge platform where she danced and stomped her feet alongwith her dancers. Then, it began to rain. Water started pouring out of theceiling all over Britney and her dancers. Slowly, the platform started to rockand the music to “Hit Me Baby … One More Time” began to pick upspeed.

Britney rocked it out for over five minutes to an extended versionof her first number one hit. Then, after a phenomenal laser beam experience, thelights went dim and Britney exited while her guitarist played on.

It wasan incredible show, with tons of pyro, dozens of costume changes, technology,and, of course, Britney, who always pushes the envelope. Ah, just another day inthe life of a teen queen.

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