Broken Heart

5 May 2017

Heart break, a feeling of pure misery, sorrow and hurt. The two words says it all, it feels literally like your heart breaks, with is quiet funny if you think about it. The heart symbolizes love, but in reality it’s Just a vital organ which only use is to oxidize and pump the blood around your body. Not so romantic if you think about it. But it doesn ‘t Just symbolizes affectionate kind of love it also symbolizes the comfort and safe kind of love for your family, friends and maybe even pets.

But no matter how any times I tried to think logically about it, the pain and sorrow wouldn ‘t subside. The never ending of the feeling of your heart getting ripped to pieces only intensified every time I looked down at the soil, which was still fresh from yesterday. I felt like crying but I had already shed all the tears I had stored. I moved a little closer to the tombstone, feeling the moist from the grass had left my pants soaked, not that I really cared anymore.

Broken Heart Essay Example

I tenderly ran my fingers over the ink black engraving on the smooth old marble stone. Mary Jane Whitlock 1955 – 2013 Our beloved mother always and forever. It wasn ‘t supposed to end like this. Her death was sudden and unexpected I wasn ‘t prepared for it at all. Nobody expected her to cross over to the other side at the age of 58. I’m well known to the feeling of broken heart, but this time it was taken to a higher, more intense level. It felt like my heart was slowly cracking. Every time I thought about her a new crack would appear.

They say that everything heals in time nd that’s properly true, but if the wound is deep enough it’ll leave a scar, a forever hurting never fading scar. I slowly stood up on unsteady legs and took the flowers I had brought, and tenderly placed them beside all the other flowers. Stroking one of the red petals as a sign of my departure, I turned around and walked away, trying to forget the reality. Before I my raging mind completely took over, I heard a song playing softly in the background. Yesterday all my problems seemed so far away Now they look like they’re here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday.

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